4 years, 8 months

Dear Jack, 

We have had a very busy month, and this post being so late is just a reflection of that. 🙂 It has been busy, but it has been good. You have had a blast this month! 

-Soccer is in full swing, and you love it. You love practice more than games, but you do pretty good during games, too-you just forget to pay attention sometimes. Mommy and Daddy have to remind ourselves that you are only four, after all. You finally scored a goal at one of your soccer games- you were SO proud of yourself! 

-You can’t wait until you are big enough to run on Mommy’s cross country team. 

-You have actually started talking about when you get to go to kindergarten, and you are excited about it! 

-You loved getting to help Kinley celebrate her birthday. You love Kinley (or as you say, “Kinwey”) so much. You love to “help” Nana take care of her, and you are always playing with her and hugging on her. You can ALWAYS make her smile and giggle. 

-You crack us up, all the time. You always are telling us an elaborate (made up) story, or saying hilarious things out of the blue. One of my favorite things you like to say is “Dis is SO boh-ring!” 

-You really like possums. You have dubbed the possum that hangs out around our house “Climby” and are always watching for him. 

-You love all things outside. You would practically live outside if we let you. You love to ride your Gator at Nana’s, and ride your bike at our house. You love to swing, and go down slides, and kick your soccer ball. You love to dig in the dirt, and you like to help in the garden. You can’t WAIT to pick our sweet potatoes. 

-Daddy gave you a big box of his old trucks and cars and MicroMachines, and you will play with them for hours on end. 

-You love, love books. You will listen to us read books forever. Josie has started reading you books, too. You two are so sweet when you are curled up in bed or on the couch reading a book together. 

  • You are mildly obsessed with Star Wars. You want to be R2D2 for Halloween. Mrs. Gloria gave you some Star Wars figurines, and you have been playing with them nonstop. 

-You are always pretending something. You almost always want to be some kind of animal. You and Josie also like to play that you are the baby and she is the mommy. 

Little bit, you are one cool dude. Your daddy and I are having a blast watching you grow and learn, even if we would like to stop time every now and then. You are growing and changing so fast! You definitely have completed our family, and I can’t imagine life without you. 



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