Random tidbits

Of information about Josie:
-her favorite movie is Singing in the Rain.
-she is obsessed with all things Star Wars right now.
-she can shower and get dressed completely independently. Which is really nice!
-she is currently eating us out of house and home and growing like a weed. She’s all arms and legs.
-my non-athletic girl is doing really well in soccer, and is also really enjoying running in cross country races for our school.
-she is super sweet, super big hearted, and very sensitive.
-she may be the slowest human being on the planet….she just takes life at her own pace.
-her hair looks like its highlighted from wearing braids in the sun all summer-the steaks are white blonde.
-she loves all things arts and crafts, and she is super creative.
-she’s a social butterfly.
-she’s getting so good at reading, and is reading for enjoyment now, which I love. In especially sweet news, she loves to read books to her brother.

She’s growing up fast!

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