Just had an AMAZING weekend with my besties at the DotMom conference. I have been wanting to go to this conference for several years, and I am so glad we went this year! We got to hear (and meet!) three of my very favorite authors, got to worship with the awesome Christy Nockels, heard some wonderful speakers, and had some excellent bonding time with these two precious ladies God has placed in my life. Such a blessed weekend!


Today was a full day of soccer. Jack’s game was at 11:00, and Josie’s game was at 1:00, so we were at the soccer field for awhile today…and it was HOT. Bad mommy forgot sunscreen, too, so we all came home with red faces. Jake’s team had a tournament game, also, in East Robertson. 

Since the kids’ games finally weren’t at the same time, I was able to get a few pictures of them playing with my good camera today. It is still hard to get great ones, but I was glad to get a couple. 

Jack’s games are still the herd following the ball around type, but they are cute  to watch. And he is just excited to be on the field, all the time, even if he is La La land half the time. 

Josie used Josh as a cushion during Jack’s game…

Josie’s game was SO much fun to watch today! The lightbulb finally came on for Josie, and I think she actually kind of figured out what she was supposed to be doing today. She played offense, and she did a great job of staying in her position and passing the ball. She even attempted to score a goal several times- the goalie always stopped it, but I was so proud of her for being aggressive and trying! She REALLY enjoyed herself, too. She’s becoming quite the little athlete….and this from my girl who I thought would NEVER want to be athletic, unless it involved dancing. 🙂