Jack-4 1/2

Dear Jack, 

I kind of can’t believe you are already four and half. That seems SO big. But then again, you ARE big. At least, personality-wise. You are still just a little squirt. We had a wonderful month, soaking up every last bit of summer possible. 

-We spent the better part of this month camping at Dale Hollow. You loved every.single.minute of our trip, and were so sad to leave, even though we were there 15 days! You did lots of big things on this trip-you learned to use your brakes on your pedal bike, and then proceeded to basically ride the wheels off the thing. We visited two waterfalls- the one at Sulfur Creek, and the one at Mitchell Creek-you loved getting to climb that one and see the cave at the top. You got to spend the night on Grammy and Pappy’s boat. You went down the slide off the houseboat Chad and Casey rented. You learned to kneeboard!! You are our brave boy. 🙂 You played with Wyatt a ton- he is one of your all time favorite people. He’s pretty crazy about you, too. I love that you get to grow up with your cousins.

-You got to have your first soccer practice of the season!! You have been counting down for this ALL summer long. You were more than ready to be on a new team, and this time Jackie is one of your coaches! How cool is that?

-You learned to swing by yourself, but you still prefer to pushed “to da moon,” especially when Daddy is the one pushing. 

-You love to help around the yard-and you are good at it! You will hoe the garden forever, you love to “drive” the lawn mower (withOUT blades down, of course), and you do a great job picking veggies. 

-Some of your other favorite things include: playing Legos with Josie, your sleeping buddies, footie pjs, fishing, using tools, riding your bike, playing Daddy’s iPad, having “Daddy” days, and talking…..seriously, you NEVER.STOP.TALKING. 

Little bit, it is so much fun watching you grow and learn. You are getting big-you are even excited about going to school next year! You are still sweet and cuddly, though and never want to go to sleep with me “pat-patting” you. You have such a big heart, and are always concerned about me and Josie and your daddy.  I love you so much, and can’t wait to see what these last few months of “preschool” days will hold. 



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