Road Trip, Day 6

Today was another full and good day. We slept until about 7:30, and got up and ate breakfast. Then, since it was still too cool to go the beach, we headed to the nature trail and nature center. The kids loved it, because we were able to see a live raccoon, several snakes (in cages!), and several turtles. Then we went walking on the marsh boardwalk and saw THOUSANDS of crabs. And then I saw a snake, NOT in a cage. Bleh. 

Our final stop was at the Hunting Island Light House. I love light houses-I wish we could have gone up in it, but the kids were too short. 

After that, we headed back to the campground and ate lunch, then rode our bikes over to the beach to play for a few hours. The kids had fun riding their bikes on the beach today-it was low tide, so there was a ton of flat places to ride. 

When we got our fill of the beach, we got ready and went into Beaufort to eat and look around. We found a sandwich shop called Alvin Ord’s and ate some of the best hot sandwiches we have ever had. 

Then we parked in downtown Beaufort and walked to an ice cream parlor to get some dessert . 🙂 After we ate, we walked around, let the kids play on a playground, and walked beside the water. The historic houses in Beaufort were just beautiful-it was a really neat place. 

After that, we headed back to the campground and went to the beach to take some pictures and stick our toes in the ocean one last time. 

Then, we went to our site and let the kids listen to a little of an audio book until we were ready to crawl in the tent. (It was hot, and the bugs had been SO bad-we were all covered with bug bites already). We got the kids settled and asleep, and then it started storming. It didn’t rain to very hard or too long, but our tent leaked-again. It leaked every time it rained this trip, even when it didn’t rain very hard. So we decided that this was the last night for this tent-that we would just throw it away instead of taking it home-it had been a good tent, and made it through two long road trips. But it was a cheap tent to begin with, one of the poles was duct taped to keep it together, and all the rain flap strings were dry rotting. And, obviously, it was not water tight anymore. 🙂  We kept the water from getting on the kids’ sleeping bags, and got a fitful night of sleep (though the kids never woke up and slept great). 

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