Road Trip, Day 3

Today was the best day yet. We squeezed a TON in, but it never felt rushed or stressful at all. We just had fun. Josie, Jake, and I woke up early at 6:00, because it is just impossible to sleep very late in a tent. Then we decided we wanted to eat breakfast at the fishing dock, so we could see the early morning sun at the marsh. So we woke up Jack, threw some clothes on and grabbed our Pop Tarts and biked down to the marsh. It was so beautiful and peaceful, and perfect temperature with a great breeze. There was another family crabbing down there, so the kids got to watch how a crab is caught, and saw one up close. 

 When Jack decided he needed to go to the bathroom, we left the dock and rode over to the playground. This playground is AWESOME, and the kids had it all to themselves for an hour and half, because the park doesn’t open to the public until 8:00. After they played, we rode another bike trail, and went back to the campsite so the kids could change into their bathing suits and eat a snack. Then we went to the (free) splash pad and the kids splashed for forever-they had so much fun! They splashed until we decided it was lunch time and went back to the tent to eat peanut butter sandwiches. 

 After lunch we decided the kids needed to see the beach and the ocean-first time for either of them! So we went down to Folly Beach. We only stayed about an hour, because we had planned to spend two whole days at the beach later on in the week. The kids had a blast, though. Jack had no fear of the ocean, and would have walked all the way in past his head if we would have let him!

 After the beach, we drove around downtown Charleston, just to see it, while Jack napped for awhile. Then we went over to Pioneer Point so that we could see the HUGE aircraft carrier, destroyer, and submarine they have docked there.

 We didn’t stay long, because it was starting to storm, so we headed to get an early dinner. We went to Roadside Seafood, and it was excellent. The kids decided to be adventurous eaters, too. Jack tasted and really liked my she-crab soup, and even ordered fish for his dinner. Josie tried Jake’s clam strips, and ended up liking them so much she ate half of them! 

 After dinner, we ran by Target to kill time, and then we surprised the kids with a movie! 

We saw Inside Out……which had gotten rave reviews from everybody we’d talked to, so we thought it would be great. However, we didn’t know how sad and stressful it would be-our sensitive kids cried through most of the movie! Jack especially-I eventually just had to take him out for a bit. Anyways-our review was-excellent movie for adults, great moral, but not so good for young kids, especially ones as sensitive as ours! 🙂

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