So we had a weekend full of celebration for the Josie girl….like I said, she is milking this birthday for all it’s worth! 🙂
Friday night we went on our family birthday date. This year she picked ice skating! I haven’t ice skated in years, and the kiddos had never went. We went to the Sportsplex in Nashville. It was SO much fun. The kids did great! At first Josie stuck to the wall, but by the end of the time she was skating all over the place and turning circles. 🙂 We rented Jack a little scooter thing to help him learn (because he was breaking my back!), and by the end he had abandoned the scooter, and was skating in short bouts all by himself! 🙂

After we skated, Josie decided she wanted Mexican food, so we headed over to Chuy’s-yum!

My two favorite boys….

And my silly girl…

These two….

On Saturday we invited the girls in Josie’s class at school to come to our house for a play date day. We do way low key parties at our house, because kiddos just want to play! And they did a ton of it- forts upstairs, puppet shows, exploring the yard, playing in the sprinklers. We had pizza and veggies and fruit for lunch, and then they had a blast decorating cupcakes- these are some very creative girls! 🙂

Such a sweet time with her friends. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Josie!

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