4 years, 4 months

Dear Jack,

You are such a big boy. This has been a big month for you, and you are reminding me every day in so many ways that you are definitely not a baby anymore!

  • We went on our big Memorial Day camping trip to Dale Hollow Dam. You rode your Strider bike about a million miles, rode your big wheel down a huge hill, explored walking trails with caves and watched the river water rise. We went to the lake with Ta and Tommy and you swam in the freezing cold water. You even spent the night in Ta and Tommy’s new camper! It was a good trip. 🙂

  • We have had a ton of play dates now that it is summer- we went to a big indoor playground with Jonas and Silas, went to Addie and Gavin’s house to play in their pool, played with IH and Grant at their house, and had Roman and Eowyn at our house to play. You are doing such a great job sharing toys and taking turns-you are a sweet little boy.

  • You had a check up with Dr. E to check on your liver- it is perfect. You are 35 lbs-still a tiny little thing, no matter how much you eat. 🙂

-You went to Vacation Bible School at Mee-Maw’s church. This was the first time I have ever dropped you off somewhere like that, but you did SO good. You hesitated and were a little tearful a couple of nights, but stayed and did great. Your teachers said you did an awesome job answering questions in class, and I was so proud of you standing on the stage and singing in front of everybody on family night. You were proud of yourself, too.

-We went to the zoo with Shshr. This was the first time for Shshr to go, so you and Josie had a great time showing her around. This time you said the alligators were your favorite animal. 🙂

-You got to spend the night with Mee Maw and ride on her golf cart. You love spending the night places.

  • You went on your birthday date with Nana and Shshr and Josie. Y’all went to Opry Mills and you got to go to the Build-a-Bear store-you built a “Toothless.” You got to eat at Rainforest Cafe and ride the carousel, and you used your birthday money to pick out a new big boy bike with pedals!

-And then you mastered riding that big boy bike within just a few minutes of getting on it-seriously. You already had such good balance from riding your Strider for so long, that all you had to do was figure out the pedals! And you have it totally mastered! Now you call your Strider bike your “stunt bike” and your pedal bike your “speed bike.” 🙂

-Summer time is making you hungry! Your favorite foods include-any kind of nut (any.kind.), cereal (Raisin Bran, shredded wheat, Rice Krispies, Honey Bunches of Oats, Special K-you are an old man when it comes to your cereal choices), fruit, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, blue berry muffins, and any kind of “azert.” (dessert)

-You love being outside. All the time. Riding your bike, digging in the dirt, going to the moon on your swing, helping us in the garden, playing hide and go seek in the dark, catching fireflies. Pretty much anything, as long as you’re outside. Inside loves include Legos, watching movies, playing this puzzle game on your Daddy’s iPad, pretending to be an animal of some sort with Josie, playing with your trucks and rolling them on me or Daddy, and reading books. You and Josie also have a new found love for audio books in the car-we just finished the BFG, which means you and Josie have been playing lots of make believe games that involve giants. 🙂

Like I said, you are getting to be such a big boy, and we are having fun watching you do it! 🙂 I love you sweet boy-to the moon and back.



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