Conversations with kiddos

So we overheard the kids talking about boogers and other gross things, and so Jake called them in to where we were to see what was going on…..

Daddy: Josie, why did you say Jack was eating a booger off the table?

Josie: He ate a crumb and a booger.

Daddy: Wait, there wasn’t a booger on the table. Why did you say he ate one?

Josie: Because he said he did.

Jack: I’m sorry!

Daddy: Jack, did you eat a booger off the table?

Jack: [nods]

Daddy: Who said there was a booger on the table? How did you know it was a booger?

Jack: Because it tasted like one.

Mommy (and Daddy) melt into laughter. 

Conversation over.  (Because, what do you say after that?)

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