So, on Sunday, I broke out of my normal comfort zone and photographed a wedding. I’ve never said yes to a wedding before, because that was just a whole ‘nother level of stress that I just wasn’t ready for. However, I’ve agreed to do one in October that I thought was going to be my first….until a friend contacted me while we were camping, and asked me to do their wedding…on Sunday-less than a week away at the time. So I thought about it, and then finally agreed. Good thing about short notice is that I didn’t have too much time to get nervous. I warned them that it was my first wedding, and they were okay about it. 

I WAS nervous, but it ended up going great! It was in Linden, so I had a long drive to make after church on Sunday. It was rainy, the whole day. The wedding was indoors, luckily, in a place with a lot of natural light (thank goodness). We did get to go outside for a few pictures. 🙂 

I really did have a blast, although wedding photography is a lot more stressful and non-stop than a normal photo shoot. I was mentally tired at the end of the night. 🙂 Everyone asked me if I was going to keep doing weddings now…the verdict is still out on that one. 🙂

I’m not going to share a ton of images on here, but here are just a couple….

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