Oldies but Goodies

So, in honor of our 11th, I thought I’d post some REALLY old photos. We look like such babies in some of these pictures! 🙂 I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures- these were the times before digital cameras, so I just took pictures of my pictures. 🙂

My senior prom-we’d been dating about 6 months at this point 🙂

My senior graduation

Jake’s college graduation, in 2003- at this point we were engaged (I have no photos of us getting engaged- we got engaged in February of 2003, though). 

Camping Memorial Day that year- this was our first “couples” purchase- new kayaks! At this time, we were the only people we knew with kayaks. 🙂

Christmas, 2003-talk about looking like babies…..

Easter 2004, right before we got married

Engagement pictures 🙂

Wedding- May 15, 2004

Tripod selfie on our honeymoon 🙂

July 2004- we’d been married 2 months at this point, on our first official camping trip as a married couple. 🙂

4 years, 3 months

Dear Jack, 

Just stay little, okay? Your Daddy and I would like nothing more than for you to just stay exactly the age you are right now. Because you are pretty hilarious. And sweet and cuddly. And did I mention hilarious? You always are making us smile and laugh, and you are more sweet than sour right now. You are in that sweet spot between little and big, and we would just like to keep you there for awhile. 

We have had a great spring month around here

  • You have helped us haul LOTS of dirt into our gardens, and weeds out of it. You love pushing around your wheelbarrow and using your shovel and hoe, and you will help us forever. You also helped us plant corn in our garden, and helped Pappy plant corn and watermelon in his garden. 

-You got to go on four wheeler rides with Pappy and Chad, and got to ride in the golf cart with Mee Maw- you adore anything that has wheels and a motor!

-You got new summer shoes (Natives) and you are in love with them. You call them your “Dash” shoes. Shoes are definitely one of your love languages-you must take after me. 

  • We went on the first camping trip of the season, and you were so excited you could barely contain yourself. The weather was perfect. You played in the sand for hours, rode your bike for miles, fished with me and Pappy (and caught 4!) and even swam in the freezing cold water down at the beach. I think you would camp forever and never come home. You were so excited to finally get to wear your “tamping ajamas” (camping pajamas-camo footies with a tent badge on them) on an actual camping trip! 

-You got to go to one of Tommy’s baseball games with Ta, and you had a blast. You love your Ta and Uncle Tommy, and the highlight for you was getting to run bases after the game was over. 🙂

-You had a short lived illness this past weekend. You spiked a really high fever, which ended up just being a virus, but you were puny for a couple of days, and slept a ton (which is not at all normal for you). 

  • You are eating a lot now! You still love all breakfast foods more than anything, but you love hamburgers and hard tacos and potato soup, too. You would also eat an entire bowl of raw carrots and cucumbers if I didn’t stop you. You have finally gotten off your big milk obsession. You will ask for it at meals, but you never ask for it between times, and you don’t even always  have it with meals. You love chocolate almond milk with breakfast! 

  • You are sweet and polite, and always want to be a “dentlemen” and hold the doors open for us. 

-You love having “Daddy” days, and not just because he lets you play on his iPad. You love your Daddy, and you love playing with him more than anybody else in the world (except perhaps Josie). 

  • You love having “amunity droup” (community group). You love getting to play with all the kids, and you love Miss Emily coming over to watch you. 

-You still go to bed with an entourage of stuffed animals and blankets. I don’t think it has grown this month, but they are all necessary items for you to go to sleep-you do a head count every night before you go to sleep to make sure they are all there. Bible stories on CD are also a must for you to go to sleep. You also would sleep on the floor, on a pallet, or in your tent every night if I would let you. 

  • You have the BIGGEST imagination, are always pretending to be some kind of animal. You also love to “fix” things with your tools (your toy cars, scooter, grocery cart, etc.) You are very interested in all things mechanical, and always want to know how things work. 

-One of your favorite things to do is to help me cook! I love having a little kitchen helper…most of the time. 

Little boy, you are amazing, and I thank God every day that he blessed us with you-the perfect child to complete our family! 
I love you, 


Mother’s Day movie night

So, today Jo asked if we could have a movie night tonight “Just for you, Mama.” Real sacrificial of her, I thought. 🙂 anyways, I obliged and we watched Mighty Ducks 2-best movie trilogy of all time. I made homemade microwave popcorn with popcorn kernels in a lunch sack, and I have officially eliminated another prepackaged thing from our pantry-no more buying microwave popcorn for us! This was so good, and super easy, and made a LOT more-so much cheaper!

What I’ve been reading lately-the Dee Henderson was awesome, as usual-I’ve never read anything by her I didn’t love. The Irene Hannon had a slow start, but then it got really good in the second half. 🙂 Just put a ton of books on hold on Overdrive to get a jump on my summer reading list!


Well, I’m officially 31. 30 was SUCH a great year, with a wonderful new job, new job stuff for Jake, some great camping trips, a new niece, and meeting some sweet new people, and 31 is looking like it is going to be wonderful as well. 

I had a great birthday yesterday. After school, I dropped the kiddos off at Mama Judy’s to spend the night (thanks, Mama Judy!) so Jake and I could go on a birthday date. We went to Opry Mills so I could shop. I love the Gap Outlet there. I think 75% of the clothes in my closet have come from there, and they were having some great sales last night. They had some really thin long sleeve shirts that are perfect for spring or summer nights for $1-so of course I got all three colors they had. 

After I finished shopping we went to PF Changs. I had only been there once, years ago, and one of my kids in my class had given me a gift certificate for Christmas that I hadn’t used yet. 

It was SOO yummy-perfect birthday dinner. 

After dinner we walked down to Barnes and Nobles and I got hot chocolate and we wandered around looking at books, writing down titles that looked interesting so I can check them out at the library (yes, I’m cheap-but you can’t beat free!). This is one of my top favorite things to do on a date night (and yes, I’m a dork). 

After we got done there, we headed BACK to Opry Mills so we could catch a late movie-Insurgent. Jake was sweet enough to go see it with me, even though he had not read the books or seen the first one. I read a plot summary to catch him up. 🙂 Great part was, another one of my students had given me a Fandango gift certificate for my birthday, so we had a practically free date night! 🙂 #teacherperks 

This morning, since we had no kiddos at the house, I ended up sleeping until after 11:00-I haven’t done that in forever. And it was awesome. 

Only stinky part- Mama Judy called to tell us that Jack had woken up not feeling good, and he had a high fever-so we ran him over to the doctor. (no strep, just a virus) So it looks like Jack and I are going to have a low-key Mother’s Day at home tomorrow. I won’t mind having the one-on-one time with my little buddy, though. He’s at the age right now that I could just bottle him up. He’s too sweet. 

So proud of this sweet girl! Last night was her guitar recital, and she did so good! She still has trouble finding her pitch when she is singing and playing, but her playing has improved tremendously over the past year. She can change cords without even looking, and quickly! Ms. Janet is SUCH a great teacher. Josie is the youngest guitar student, but she didn’t hesitate at all to get on that stage, and she was one of the only students that had her piece completely memorized. I love this sweet girl, and it is SO neat to see her growing up in so many different ways :).