Yesterday was my first day out of school, not on vacation. And the picture of my to-do list tells you how it was! But I loved every minute of it-I’m always amazed at how much o can get done with a day out of work in the middle of the week! Here’s to many more productive days this summer :).

Memorial Day Trip

Well, school let out on Friday, and we headed to Dale Hollow Dam for our annual Memorial Day camping trip. It is always the perfect way to kick off the summer. We go with lots of family and friends, and the kids always have a blast and are sad to come home. Now that Jake works for himself, though, we get to stay longer than just the weekend-this year we stayed until Wednesday-one of the perks of making your own schedule! 🙂

It was a fabulous trip. I never take a lot of pictures on this trip, because we are always just too busy having fun and relaxing. I did a LOT of reading- Josie said I was addicted to my Kindle. We took the kids’ Aquapod bottle launcher that they got for Christmas, and it was the hit of the whole weekend! Jake and I shot that thing a million times for all the kids, and they never got tired of it. Seriously, if you have kids- check this thing out- it is a great present! 

Jack and Josie rode the wheels off their bikes, and they BOTH rode down the hill behind our camper about a million times. (Even Josie!!) Jake took his hammock, and I think Katie Ann and Josie played in about 80% of the whole trip. 🙂 They played in Lane’s little swimming pool one day, and Mr. Claude set up a sprinkler for all the kids another day. Jake and Daddy went fishing and caught a ton of fish. Lane loved to look at them, but he did NOT want to touch them! We of course had to visit the fish hatchery, because a Dale Hollow Dam trip would NOT be complete without a visit to feed the fish! 

The whole gang at our church service on Sunday

Most everybody went home on Monday, and it was just us and Ta and Tommy. We had a great quiet couple of days. Monday after everyone left, we went over to an island near the campground where you can cross a swinging bridge and hike around the island to look at some little caves. Jack thought the caves were the coolest things ever, and he has already asked if we can go back about 700 times. 

We made s’mores that night (and the next!) 🙂

Tuesday was a quiet day; Jake and I took the kids down to the river to watch it rise when they released water from the dam, and then we walked along the trail beside the river.  It rained Tuesday afternoon, and it was a good napping rain….but cleared up in time for a fire and s’mores. 🙂

Wednesday it was supposed to rain, but didn’t, so we packed up our camper and then headed out on Ta and Tommy’s boat. We drove to Willow Grove and ate lunch and then let the kids swim-BRRR. Kids just don’t feel cold like we do. It was so good to be on the lake again! It always feels like coming home-the lake has always been my home away from home. 🙂 

It was a great trip, and a great way to kick off the summer. 🙂