I had the best time shopping with my mom last night. Jake had a soccer game, and Pappy kept the kiddos so we could go, just the two of us. I don’t remember the last time I had been out with just my mom-it has been ages, and it was long overdue. We wandered through the mall (haven’t been there in ages, either), and then we headed to Indian Lake-I introduced mom to Charming Charlie’s :). We got dinner, then headed home-such a sweet, simple, night. 🙂

We had a beautiful, productive first weekend of spring. We spent the whole day outside working on the fence around our garden-and got it done! (It has been a work in progress for a long time, so it felt so good to finally get it done!) the kids and I also worked on getting our beds cleaned out and ready to plant-they are finally to the ages where their “help” is actually helpful.:)

Jack and I also mixed up a new batch of laundry detergent-the last batch lasted me almost 2 full years-SO worth it!! I don’t know about you, but we are SOO glad it is finally spring!

Well, I know I have been MIA around the blog for a few days. I just got back from Dallas, Texas (is there another Dallas?). My headmaster sent me to observe at a beautiful (and much bigger) classical school for a couple of days. I flew out on Sunday afternoon, and got back tonight. It was the first time I have ever made an airplane trip by myself, stayed in a hotel by myself, gotten a rental car by myself, and navigated an unknown city alone. I survived! And didn’t have any major mishaps! However, I missed Jake and the kids like crazy, and learned that I definitely prefer to travel with someone. I’m glad I had the experience, though, because now I know that I can do it alone-made me feel like a grown up :).

The school was gorgeous, and it was really neat to see how another classical school does things. I have SO much information to share with our faculty.

Glad to be home tonight :).

4 years and 1 month

Dear Jack, 

I kind of can’t believe you are four years old now. And neither can you, apparently, because you refuse to tell anyone that you are four. You tell them you are 6, 8, 10, 5, 2….just anything besides four. Stinker….

This month was a fun one! 

  • You got to spend the night with Mee-Maw and Grammy and Pappy-you love to spend the night places-there is no more hesitation anymore. 

-We had a HUGE ice/snow storm that kept us snowed in our house for 7 days. You and Josie had a blast playing in it, and sledding down our hill. I think your favorite part of snow is getting the hot chocolate, though. 🙂

-You had your well check with Dr. E. You are still tiny-34 lbs and 38 ¾ inches. You also had to get some blood drawn, and will go back in a couple of months, because Dr. E could feel your liver in a place where he shouldn’t. This is happened before, when you were a newborn, so he thinks it’s just normal for you, but he wanted to check, just to be safe. 

-We had another couple of snow days, and so we had a “Big Hero 6″ movie night, which you absolutely LOVED. This was better snow to play in, too, because it was packable. You rode your bike around in it for hours, and made big piles to knock over with your bike, which you were pretending was your “snowmobeagle.” 

-You talk ALL.THE.TIME. There is a steady stream of conversation or noise coming out of your mouth, always, and you have a huge vocabulary. I love how you mispronounce things, though, and I don’t want to correct you, because I know those things will go away on their own soon enough. You still say “my” instead of “I” and “shes” instead of “hers.” You also like to declare when things are “asgusting” (disgusting) and “nasty.” When something is funny, you say, “Dat was alarius!!” (hilarious); You have been on kick this month of coming up and saying, “Mommy, my just wanted to tell you dat……my just wanted to tell you dat I wuv you.” 

-You still sleep with ALL your “sleeping buddies” and now have added some extras to the mix-a stuffed bear named Fuzz Ball, a stuffed otter named Donut, and Josie’s old fleece frog blanket-that blanket has gotten a ton of love over the years. 

-We have started putting STRICT limits on your iPad time, because you would play it ALL the time if we let you, so we set a timer for 20 minutes every day, and then you are not allowed to ask anymore. It works. You loved playing this very complex logic/puzzle game on Daddy’s iPad that you call the princess game. You are GOOD at it, too-better than me! 

Baby boy, I love you so much, and you are truly “alarius!” You are my cuddle bug, and Daddy’s buddy, and you light up our lives. I truly cannot imagine our lives without you-you completed our family! 


It was a beautiful day today, and I got to run outside for the first time in a long time. It was just a quick, short run, but it was so nice to be running in the fresh air! Also, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE springing forward? I mean, it’s 6:45 and the kids and I just came in, and it wasn’t dark yet-what’s not to love about that!