Snowmageddon Day 11-

They always say that when snow sticks around, it’s just waiting on another. That definitely happened today! This morning, we woke up to roads (that were FINALLY clear yesterday-at least all the main ones) being covered in snow. Again. So, JECA went two hours late today, which was a treat. Josie and I were already dressed for school, and Jack was awake, too. So they got some playing time in. Jake and I were lazy for a little longer, then I cooked a big breakfast before we left for school. It was nice. 🙂
By the time we got home, a lot of snow had melted-we can see our driveway for the first time in 2 weeks!

Jack had his 4 year old well check yesterday. He did good. He is still a tiny little squirt, which we knew already. He’s actually taller than it says on that paper, though. Dr. E was concerned when he saw that height, because it meant that he grew less than an inch in a year. So he re-measured him, and he was actually 38 and three fourths of an inch, which made his growth curve much better-not sure what percentile that makes him, though. He had to get his blood drawn, which was NOT fun. I actually think he would not have freaked out as bad if they would have let him just sit up-boy does NOT like being held down. And then he had to get two shots-he was pitiful. 🙁 He perked up with a sucker, though.

Snowmageddon Day 8 and 9-yesterday, county schools were out, but JECA was back in session. I was glad to be back in routine, but very thankful for Jake’s truck in the morning, because our roads were still bad. Josie was THRILLED to be going back to school-she had missed her friends. Luckily, the plow came by on our road, so it was much better when I got home. I’m amazed at the difference from the bottom of the ridge to the top of the ridge-it’s like different worlds! There is no snow at all where my school is, or even a couple of miles down the road when you get to the bottom of the ridge, but we still have TONS of snow and ice on top of the ridge. And today, it’s still not getting above freezing, so I don’t know if much more is going to melt-Robertson county schools may never go back!

Since the plow had come through yesterday, I finally got to drive my car today-yay!

Snowmageddon Day 7

Well, first day I’ve left the house since LAST Sunday. We decided we could make it to church this morning in Jake’s truck. Our road was still awful when we left this morning, and Betts road still had bad places, too, but the highways were clear. And Hendersonville was much clearer.

And then, coming home, the sun was FINALLY starting to do its job! Betts was much clearer, and we can see asphalt on our road now! And I’m really glad, because our school is in session tomorrow. County schools are out, of course, but private schools don’t have to follow the county :). I’m glad to be getting back into a routine (as nice as the break was), and Josie is OVERJOYED that she is getting to see her friends tomorrow :).

Now, chili is in the crockpot and I’m enjoying one more relaxing afternoon. 🙂

Snowmageddon Day 6

Last night the wind and ice were pretty bad. So bad that we brought the kids downstairs to sleep. When we woke up, our yard was covered with limbs.

We had thought the rain and warmer temperatures today would melt the snow and clear the roads, but it did NOT-in fact, the roads are worse. They turned into a slushy mess, and did not clear, and will refreeze tonight. 

Today’s view of the road came from the porch, while I was taking a picture of Josie delivering a thank-you note to our neighbor’s mailbox. 

This afternoon the rain/ice mess got the best of our gutter- The huge sheet of ice sliding off the roof of our house knocked the back gutter down. It seems like a small problem, though, after hearing about how many people are dealing with flooding/leaking roofs. 

Jake decided to go to the store for us this evening, mainly to see how the roads really were, to decide whether we are going to go to church tomorrow. We are still not sure-our road was bad-he almost wrecked coming home. So we will see what the morning brings before we make a decision. 

I was happy that he was able to replenish our groceries, though-and brought home a pizza for dinner. 🙂 We had a pizza picnic in the living room (the kids LOVE doing that-it is a special treat) while we watched Hook (Jack is on a big-time Peter Pan kick right now). We had homemade milkshakes, too. I ended the night by cutting Jack’s out-of-control hair and giving the kids a bath (finally). 🙂 

I wonder if this snow will ever melt? 

Snowmageddon Day 5

Well, we had another snow day. And yet, I am still not bored. It was a good day. The kids are getting creative….

They rigged up this way to send things down the stairs using an old karate belt and a build-a-bear box. 🙂 They remind me of me. 

I would also call operation snow-days-preschool-for-Jack a success. He is doing much better writing his name, and today I discovered that he recognizes most of his numbers 1-10. He is a hard one, because he only wants to do things on his own time, and if it is HIS idea. He is extremely stubborn otherwise! 

Since it is (probably) the last day this snow stuff is going to be sticking around, we all went out to play after lunch. Our awesome neighbors even let us sled in their yard, since they have much better hills than we do :). 

Our road conditions were the same today:

Talking to our neighbor, he said our road is one of the worst around. I don’t doubt it! 

This afternoon, the snow started hard and heavy. Again. 

I made some quick-rise yeast rolls for dinner tonight-they were really good! We are doing pretty good on the food front still, but we are finally starting to run low/out of several things. Most of our fresh fruit is gone now. Milk is way low. The only dinner food I have left to cook is some salmon. But we have done really well this week! I just now am really feeling the need to go to the store, but honestly we could make it SEVERAL more days before we actually ran out of food. 🙂 

Tonight’s movie was Star Wars. We have now watched all of the Star Wars movies together. 🙂 

It is icing big time right now. There is a ton of ice on all the trees. Here’s to hoping we don’t lose power tonight! 

Snowmageddon Day 4

Well, snow day numero quatro was pretty uneventful. I didn’t let the kids go out because is it was SO cold.

So they just stayed in and played. I did some more school stuff with them, we learned memory verses, and they did a whole lot of playing upstairs. They also entertained themselves with a ribbon, an old karate belt, and some stuffed animals for a looong time. Have I mentioned my kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves? Josie did a workout with me, too!

What consecutive snow days good for? Getting caught up on scrapbooking! Josie and Jack’s yearly scrapbooks are now caught up! Woot woot! This happens about once a year, and I always say that I’m going to do a little bit each month, to keep them caught up…..and then I never do. So I’m not making any promises. 🙂

I did go out on my front porch for a brief few minutes this afternoon to get some fresh air and snap a picture of our road conditions today. (Just for the record, they are not any better. At all.) I did step onto the snow, for just a second-and it is the weirdest thing-you barely sink, because the snow is so frozen!

I know a lot of people would be going stir crazy at this point….but I’m not. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home, with my family, with no chance of leaving. I have a million things to keep me busy-I’m not sure I could get bored for a very long time yet. Now, my kids driving me insane could be a possibility in the very near future……. just kidding! (kind of)

We ended the night with another family movie-High School Musical 2 was on the docket tonight. We are having an awful lot of family movie nights here lately, but what are snow days for? 🙂