Today after school we went and met Josie’s Girl Scout troop at the fair parade in Springfield. One of Josie’s troop members, Addison, was in the parade, so we all had a fun time cheering her on. Josie was so happy to see her friends, and Raegan made a serious job of making sure she was all caught up with everything going on. 🙂

Jack had such a big day yesterday! While I was at work, Pappy and Uncle a Chad picked him up from Nana’s and took him to the lake to brush the duck blind with them. They also squeezed in some time to fish and swim a bit :). He had the BEST time. He was most impressed by the fact that “Untle Chad” climbed on the ROOF of the duck blind! Then tonight he helped Jake take our cabinet doors off-he took his job very seriously! Then tonight he had his second soccer practice. He was SO excited again, and was so sad when it was over. He’s doing so good listening to his coaches-I’m so proud of him!

Little buddy is growing up….and I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but it is so much fun to watch!

Jack-3 1/2 years (and a few days)

Dear Jack,
I really can’t believe you are closer to 4 than you are 3. That means you really are more little boy than baby, and that makes this mama heart a little sad, considering you ARE my baby. I love you more than words can even express; you light up my life, every day. I think I would be rich if I had a penny for every time I’ve said that you are SUCH a boy-because you are! You are rough and tumble, mischievous, and you even already think little boy potty humor is the best thing ever. It is so much fun getting to be the mom of a boy-you keep me on my toes for sure, but you are also the best cuddly snuggler. And you make us laugh all.the.time. We never know what’s going to come out of your mouth next!
You had a great month this month…

-We spent 2 whole weeks this month at Dale Hollow, just like every summer. I think we would all just move there and live in our camper, if we could. You loved every minute of camping. You and Wyatt were thick as thieves. You rode your bike for miles and miles. If we were out at the lake, you were in the water-the WHOLE time. You went under a million times, and rode a tube! You kayaked with anyone who would take you, and rode the knee board (behind the kayak, anyways). You got lots of ice cream, and tie dyed a shirt (“dreen”, of course). It was a wonderful vacation, and you were SO sad when we had to go home.

  • You have learned to dress yourself (and your shirt and underwear are always backwards when you do), and you have become very opinionated about what you wear every day. If you get to pick it out, it ALWAYS include “tamaflauge.”

-You got to go to the duck blind drawing with Daddy and all the guys.

-You moved up to the preschool Sunday School class. I was sad that you had to leave your best friend Isaac Henry and your sweet teachers, but you really like being in the “big boy” class, and you of course have more wonderful teachers.

  • You still love swings, anything with wheels, anything “tamaflauge,” being outside all.the.time., the iPad, play dough, trailers, and your bike. Your favorite toy is Josie-y’all play so good together, and you are so sweet to her. Y’all’s favorite thing to do is to pretend to be animals. (Your current animal of choice is a lizard named…you guessed it, tamaflauge)

-You love spending the night with people. You got to spend the night with Nana several nights while we were camping, and a couple of nights at her house. I think you would almost just move in with Nana. 🙂

  • You still love milk, but you are not quite as obssesive as you used to be. You went through a MAJOR eating spurt while we were camping- you ate everything in sight. You even ate a WHOLE hamburger at a restaurant one night, which is a huge deal for you. Since we’ve been home, you’ve slowed down a little on the eating, but I’m still hoping you are (finally) going to take a growth spurt.

-Your vocabulary is humongous. Sometimes your words are not quite clear, but you keep going until we understand you. You use big words that I’m never expecting you to use. Like, “Mommy, tan I go to the waiting area?” and “Nana, my trying to concentrate!”

-You are working hard at learning to be a gentleman, which includes opening doors (even when those doors are bigger than you!)

Little boy, I do wish you would stay pretty much exactly like you are forever. But since you can’t do that, do you think you could at least slow down a bit?

I love you,


Jack’s First Soccer Practice

So, I am royally behind on a lot of things right now….that’s what the August is always like for me-the royally behind month. I think that’s a common theme for all school teachers, though. Anyways, last Thursday Jack had his first soccer practice, and late is better than never to blog about it.

Jack has been looking SO forward to this soccer practice since I first told him he was going to get to play in early July! He has worn his shin guards and cleats all over the place, and he guarantees that they make him faster. And when he has BOTH on at the same time? He is “double fast.” Suffice it to say, I think he was more excited about this practice than anything he has ever been excited about in his life.

He did SO good. He was just a little hesitant to go sit with his team at first, but he warmed up quickly, and soon was talking to both of his coaches and introducing himself to complete strangers. His coaches were really good-they have a whole curriculum that they follow for little kid soccer with the league we’re in, and it is perfect for 3 year olds (his whole team is 3). Just the right amount of games and fun, but with a little skill learning thrown in, too.

Sitting with his team

So excited!

I was so proud of him for listening to his coaches so well and really paying attention, because this was the first organized thing he has ever done (besides Sunday School) that he’s had to listen to someone other than us.

He was sad when practice was over. He said “My wanted to keep pwacticing for a wong, wong, wong more time!”

He’s going to die when I tell him he gets to go back this week. 🙂

Yesterday we worked HARD, all day long. In the morning we went to JECA, to help clear the cross country trail (I’m coaching the team this year!) After we got home we got to work polyurethane-ing a ton of stuff. We tend to wait until we have a bunch of pieces to do, then just do it all at once. We put polyurethane on 3 antique milk jugs, our kitchen chairs and table, and the new antique (is that an oxymoron?) counter that we got for our kitchen. I am always amazed at how much polyurethane can change (for the good!) pretty pieces. The picture above is a before/after-the left side is not done, and the right side is done-big difference! While we worked, the kids just played and played together-they miss each other when Josie’s at school! They played forever with some ice that I had dumped out of a cooler, then they played in the hose, then they took the world’s longest bath (like, seriously they were in there for 2 hours, just playing and playing). Needless to say, we were all WORN OUT at the end of the day, but it was a good, fulfilling day. I love working on projects with Jake-it’s a good hobby for us. 🙂

Went out with all the girls tonight for one more shebang before Jessi leaves. I am so sad she is moving….this is the girl that, when I told everyone at GES I was leaving, everyone’s immediate response to me was, “but what’s Jessi gonna do?”. She is my bestie, and even the miles that separate us are not going to change that! Love you, Jess!

1st day of 1st Grade!

Today was Josie’s first day of first grade! I can’t believe how much she’s grown, and I can’t believe she is in the first grade….I guess I will be saying that for the next 10 years, huh? This was also a special day, because it was the first day at her brand new school, JECA (and mine!) As of last night, she was over her nervousness and just plain excited. She was over the moon excited about wearing her uniform-I’m glad she’s excited about that, and I am too-makes things easier at night when we’re laying out clothes! Here are some pictures of her first day….

We saw a rainbow on the way to school, and we both took that as a good sign!

So excited to finally be at school!

This is her sweet teacher, Miss Cunningham. Josie came home already gushing about how nice she is. 🙂

A picture to commemorate BOTH of our first days at JECA. 🙂 It was a wonderful first day for both of us, and we are praying for many more.

And just for kicks, and because I LOVE a good comparison photo:

I can never get over how much they grow and change in just a year!!

Yesterday was a good, happy Sunday. We had a great church service-Jack moved up to the preschool class, and he did great! I was a little sad to be dropping him off in the big boy class, though. 🙁 After church we went out to eat with Justin, and then hit Dairy Queen for a back-to-school treat :). Sunday naps were a must for the whole family, and then Jake and I picked in the garden and put up 7 pints of pizza sauce. I can’t wait to make a homemade pizza! It was a good day, just what we needed before heading back to school.