So proud of this boy, too. Mrs. Pam’s goal for him in these two weeks was to be able to swim the length of the pool by himself on the kick board-he was doing it after the first two days! He also doesn’t mind going under at all. He’s not a big fan of jumping off the side or the diving board, but he jumped off the stairs on his own about a billion times. Little water dog! 🙂


It is corn time around here! I have mentioned (one or a thousand times) on here how much I love having a garden. It is one of my favorite hobbies, but it is also a family hobby. And it is such a great way to teach your kids SO many valuable lessons- lessons about science and how things grow, lessons about hard work, lessons about where food comes from, and what is safe/not safe to eat, etc. We try to involve our kiddos in every part of the garden. They help us plant the seeds, pull weeds, and pick everything they’re able. Right now it is corn harvesting time, and they love to help with all the parts of that, too. This is mostly a post to help me remember all the parts of our corn harvesting, so here it is, in picture form.

When the corn gets firm and the tassels are brown and dry, we start picking it….

Then we shuck it (the kids love to help with this part!) and take the silks off…..

Then we have a decision: on the cob or off the cob? We do some of both. So far this year, we’ve put up about 54 ears, and we have taken it all off the cob. Probably the rest of the harvest we will leave on the cob. So, to take it off the cob, we first cut it down:

Then boil it just a bit:

Then put it on ice to cool completely:

Finally, we will put it in boxes and freeze until time to eat! And it is YUM. This year, we hope to do two harvests. After all this harvest comes in, we plan to replant to harvest again hopefully in September. We love us some corn around here! 🙂

Life lately….

This summer has been so good so far. I can’t believe it is almost July! Here’s what the second part of our week looked like, mostly in picture form….

Wednesday I went and took all my stuff from my old classroom and finally put it all in my new classroom at JECA. Here’s a sneak peek at my new room…. I am so glad I don’t have to decorate it! 🙂

This boy loves blankets and milk almost more than anything….

Lego family movie night….

I got to keep Lane again on Thursday. We played outside and he got to meet Bert the cat. He REALLY wanted to hold Bert (I wouldn’t let him)….

Thursday afternoon the kids and I met Casey and Shshr to swim at Ta and Tommy’s. We had so much fun!

Friday was the last day of swim lessons for the kiddos. Josie was excited….Jack was sad….

I absolutely love having a garden. It is one of my favorite hobbies. There is something so satisfying about seeing the (literal!) fruits of your labor.

We took this picture of Jake with the tomato plant, just for some perspective on how HUGE it is! It is full of tomatoes, they are just still green. I have gotten one big tomato, a handful of grape tomatoes, and all of the Romas are still green. But when they start coming in, we are going to have a TON!

Today is the beginning of Fourth of July week, which means it is time to break out our patriotic clothing. For Josie, this means “star” hair!

So, that has been our life lately. It is a good life, simple and sweet.

So…I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on. I have been soaking up summer, and thoroughly enjoying every moment. In my spare time, I’ve been devouring the books I neglect during the school year, and the blog has fallen by the wayside a bit. 🙂 I will be remedying that soon, I promise!

iPhone photo day-in-the-life:
Today I kept my precious nephew. Jack really loves him, and Lane loves Jack! Jack put on several puppet shows for him today :). Today was life saving day for Josie’s swim lesson class. Mrs. Pam taught them how to save someone who is drowning, and also had them swim in jeans and shirts, just to get used to how it feels, in case they ever fall in-she is the best teacher. Josie was not so sure about swimming in her jeans, but she got over it :).
Tonight I went out with friends to celebrate Megan’s birthday-we went to Sopapilla’s and to see “The Fault In Our Stars.” Such a fun time with friends-Happy Birthday, Megan!

This past week, Wednesday-Saturday, I took my second ever “plane-ride” trip. I traveled to Orlando, Florida for the ACCS (Association of Christian Classical Schools) Conference with the 4 other full-time JECA teachers. I was absolutely blown away by how awesome the conference was. I learned SO much-about classical education, teaching in general, even parenting. It was a very different experience for me, also, because I am not used to hearing (at a teaching conference) about God, and how we should teach according to the Bible….but I sure did love it. This conference definitely reaffirmed for me that God has placed me just where He wants me.
We were BUSY the entire time we were there-very little downtime, but Ryan made sure we ate well, and we tried some AMAZING restaurants, including one called “Sweet Tomatoes,” which would easily be my all time fave if we had one in Nashville. It was so nice getting to know my new colleagues-they are all so very nice-I am really looking forward to getting to work with all of them! Here’s to a new school year-I am SO excited for it!