First Camping trip of the season…check!

We had a wonderful, beautiful weekend for our first camping trip of the year. We headed to Defeated Creek on Friday evening, and stayed until today. This is always a super short trip, but it is always sweet! The weather was gorgeous, we were surrounded by a ton of family and friends, and we just soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed every minute. The kiddos love the playgrounds here, because they are basically huge sand boxes. 🙂 Then we even headed down to the beach to let the kids wade, because it was HOT, and they had some HUGE piles of sand that the the kids had a blast in! We went fishing with Pappy- Josie caught 4, and Jack caught 1 (his patience level is not quite the same). Jake and Daddy went fishing, too, and caught several bass. There were fires to sit around, bikes to be ridden, and lots of relaxing. 🙂 Now here’s some pics to sum things up…

Sweet Brandon

Sircy girl! 🙂

The Smith’s -family fishing time! 🙂

First boat ride of the season!

These next photos are pretty self explanatory….

After fishing and lunch, we headed to the beach (and I got WAY too much sun. Shame on me.)

Kids do NOT feel cold like I do! 🙂

That’s a LOT of sand!

Pretty ladies! 🙂

Syd COMPLETELY buried Iz!

I don’t know WHAT Jo was telling them…..

Two kids NOT looking forward to going home!

Animal Shelter

Yesterday Josie’s Daisy troop went on a field trip to the Animal Shelter. Those girlies were absolutely enamored! They thought that was the coolest thing they had ever done, and I think everyone of them would have adopted an animal if we would’ve let them. 🙂 These girls love each other, so much, and it is a true joy to get to see them have so much fun together.

Josie was in absolute heaven- she has been telling us for months now that she is going to be a vet when she grows up, and she is going to own a small animal farm with kittens, rabbits, and “three or two horses.” I just love this girl and her huge plans. And I KNOW that she is going to achieve whatever she puts her mind to, because she is just that determined about things. 🙂 Of course, I expect her plans to change at least 15 million times before any of them actually come to fruition!

Easter Sunday 2014

After a busy fun-filled weekend, today we celebrated the greatest display of God’s power, ever- Jesus’ resurrection! We had an awesome church service this morning- Easter Sunday is one of my favorite services we have all year. Josie was looking beautiful in a dress that Ta made for her, and Jack was rockin’ a new hat. Getting a picture of the two of them where both are actually smiling AND looking at the camera at the same time is basically an impossible feat, but I was able to snag just a couple of cute ones.

The Easter Bunny visited our house (we don’t make a big deal out of this AT ALL, but the kiddos were really surprised and happy when they saw their little baskets with a few little things in them.)

Handsome big boy!

Beautiful girl- we always take the kiddos pictures in front of this bird house every year, so we can look back and see how much they’ve grown! 🙂

After church we headed to Easter dinner at Nana’s. It was delicious, as always. 🙂 Casey and Kyle did an egg hunt for the kiddos-they had a lot of fun, of course! 🙂

Lane even got a little egg action!

Our beautiful baby girl, who is not so much a baby anymore!

Sweet cousins!!

Lane’s first Easter!

We all hung out the rest of the day, just playing outside and being goofy. Of course, if you hang out all day, another perk is getting to eat all the yummy food again! 🙂 It was great to see all my family-we all were there at some point or another (just not all at the same time :P).

Happy Easter, ya’ll!

Kickin’ off the Easter Festivities 2014

We had a wonderful, blessed, incredibly busy Easter weekend around here. Our Easter festivities kicked off on Thursday night with our church’s Seder dinner. It is a really great way to start focusing on the reason we celebrate Easter; I always enjoy going. This was Josie’s first year to participate, and she did really great.

Friday we had our annual grill out/egg hunt with Jake’s family. We were SO glad it was not raining this year! The kids had a blast hunting eggs and just playing outside. 🙂

Friday night we headed back to church for our Good Friday service. It is a very somber service, full of music and the story of the crucifixion. I really love the way our church does such an awesome job of celebrating every part of Easter, and focusing on it just as much as we focus on Christmas.

After the service, we grabbed lunch with some church friends that are very near and dear to our hearts- it was so good to catch up, hang out, and just relax. What a wonderful way to end a great day. 🙂

Coming up -Easter Sunday!

Getting all dolled up for Easter Sunday :).

This is something I will always remember about my childhood-Saturday nights after baths my mom would always clean our ears, cut our toenails, and put my hair in sponge rollers. And if it was a special day, toenails would get painted, too. 🙂

Conversations with Jack….

This morning, talking to Jack, who is in his pull up and pajamas…..

Me: Jack, do you want to get dressed, or do you want to have a pajama day?

Jack: Get dressed.

Me: Okay, go to the bathroom and get your underwear on.

Jack: (Looks down at his pajamas he’s wearing and says in surprise) Oh! My already dressed!

Me: Well, you are in your pajamas, but you can wear those if you’d like.

Jack: No, these are my dressed!

**This kid cracks me up.

Catch up time

Yes, I know…I have been a slacker this week!

And this is what you call a bloggy catch up, iPhone style….

Goof balls

My two favorite boys

On Tuesday, Jake’s bank had a free night at the Adventure Science Center, so we decided to take advantage! This was Jack’s first time going, and he loved it! He would have stayed in the fake car all night, I think. Both our kids love the center, but I think I have decided that it is definitely geared towards older kids. They had a blast, though!

We finally did something this week that we’ve needed to do since we moved into our house 8 years ago-replaced the floor and toilet in our bathroom!! I am SOO excited about this, it is ridiculous. 🙂



After! It is a porcelain tile that looks like wood-I’m in love. 🙂

Thursday was my sweet Nana’s birthday. Josie picked out flowers for her, and Jack picked out a balloon. I did a terrible job taking a picture, but we celebrated, regardless! 🙂

Josie and Lane

Hat day at school!

Easter clothes shopping for Jack at Opry Mills with Shshr-we make a good team!


Saturday we all went to Mom and Dad’s for a fish fry to celebrate Nana’s birthday….

Jackie decided to take a picture of Nana so that Nana’s facebook page wouldn’t have a question mark for a profile picture 🙂

Today was a good Sunday. After church we went to Andy and Christie’s to celebrate Andy and Wyatt’s birthdays. Then we all went home and took naps, got up, and worked in the garden. We did A LOT of yard work this weekend. Today we finished getting all the beds ready to plant. Our strawberries already have blooms, and today we got the corn planted. I LOVE having a garden, and our kiddos love working in it, too…..

Whew! Just looking at all the pictures from this past week make me tired! We had a BIG, busy, week, but it sure was a good one! 🙂

3 years, 2 months

Dear Jack,

Little boy, you are changing so fast here lately-could you please slow down a little bit? You make us smile each and every day-you crack us up (or “you crack my up,” as you would say). Each day is an adventure with you-you always keep us on our toes! You generally have two moods: either really happy, or really NOT happy. Luckily for us, you are generally happy. (Except right when you wake up, most of the time anyways.) This month has been a fun one with you…

-We went from a week of snow days in March, to pretty high 70 degree days! You always prefer the warm days, because you get to play outside. I think you would spend every waking minute outside if we let you.

  • You got to go to the zoo-twice! We went when Mommy was on Spring Break, and then you got to go after school started back with Aunt Christie, Alec, Beth, Wyatt, and Katie Ann. You loved petting the goats and seeing the snakes when you went with me. You got to see the dino exhibit when you went with your cousins, which thrilled you to death!

-You had your very first dentist appointment, and it went great! You climbed right up in that chair like you had done it a million times, and let them do everything without so much as a peep. They were amazed at how good you did, and I was really proud. 🙂

  • We did the “Broadway Bounce” with Josie’s girl scouts. You liked getting to see the mascots, and you loved getting to kick a soccer ball into a regulation-size goal. You really wanted to rock climb, but you were a little too small. You did a great job dribbling the free basketball you got. However, I think your favorite part of the whole experience was getting to ride the shuttle bus to and from our car! 🙂

  • We went to the Adventure Science center as a family one night. This was your first time there, and you loved it! I thought you might be fascinated with the dino exhibit, or really like the stars, but I think you would have stayed in the fake car all.night.long. You did not want to leave at the end of the night, which is always a sign of success!

  • You have started praying for whoever is in the room at each meal time. It is funny and sweet at the same time (especially if you don’t know everyone’s names!) Your sweet Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Hannah and Mrs. Meghan, told me you said the sweetest prayer in class on Sunday, too. You prayed for your teachers and all your friends, even the kids you didn’t know. I know you don’t exactly understand what you are doing right now, I love hearing your sweet voice say your prayers.

-Some of your favorites right now: the color “DREEN!” (green), playing outside, riding your bike, playing with the iPad, absolutely ANYTHING involving monster trucks, roughhousing with your Daddy, playing make believe with Josie, being read to, swinging, balloons, listening to the “Frozeen” (Frozen) soundtrack (of which you know a LOT of the words), helping Mommy cook (you LOVE to stir and set the table), playing with Bert (the cat)

-You have the biggest imagination, and you love to tell us BIG, elaborate stories. You can turn just about any situation into a story, and add all kinds of details to it. You can also turn anything into a toy, including your hand (it is a race car about half of the time).

-You make me laugh all the time with some of the things you say. Just this week, you started using “I” sometimes instead of “my,” which makes me sad-I’m not ready for you to start saying things correctly! I love it when you say things like, “My gonna fix it,” and “This is shes shoe,” and “Yeah, shoo-wa” (sure).

  • You actually are eating a little better than you used to. You still love milk, but are a little less addicted than you used to be. You love pancakes, oatmeal, sausage, biscuits, cereal, muffins, cinnamon rolls, (are we seeing a trend?) carrots and ranch, PISTACHIOS, grapes, bananas, breadsticks, chicken tenders, spaghetti-os, and cornbread. Breakfast is definitely your big meal of the day, though.

  • You are still little. We tried on all your summer clothes from last year, and you can still wear ALL of them. And most are 12-18 months! Maybe you will grow one of these days….

You are such a wild and crazy, fun-loving little boy. It is so much fun to be your mom- I sometimes wish you could just stay little forever, but it is so much fun to watch you grow, too.

I love you sweet boy,