Absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. Jake kept the kiddos this morning so I could go to our church women’s gathering (which was wonderful!), and when I got back we are lunch and headed to the park to soak up the sunshine! Josie has perfected riding her bike, and rode 3 miles with no problems at all! Jack rode almost that far, too, on his little Strider bike. Needless to say, after bike riding and a lot of playground time, they both (and me too!), took looong naps this afternoon. 🙂

Happy Birthdayversary

Ya’ll, tomorrow is a BIG day.

Tomorrow my beautiful, wonderful mom turns FIFTY years old. That kind of blows my mind. And you know, when I was a kid, I thought fifty was OLD. I mean, like older than dirt old…..but now, I am turning thirty this year…so fifty is SO not looking old anymore! Ha! In fact, fifty is young!
I am so blessed and awed that God gave me such a wonderful mom. She is such a perfect mama. I have always known exactly how much she loved me, because she always knew exactly how to show it. She taught me how to laugh, smile, be silly, use my manners, work hard, give my all at everything, love people like Jesus loves me, that treats are a necessity sometimes, that people can be mean but it doesn’t mean you have to be mean back, that family always comes first, and donut holes and french onion dip are ALWAYS meant to be eaten, no matter what time of day. She is such a BIG part of who I am, and always will be. She has taught me everything I know about being a good mom, a good wife, and a good friend. I respect her and love her more than any other woman on the planet. And I probably haven’t shown her that-but hey mom-when you read this- I love you. You are the best mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

And tomorrow isn’t just my mom’s 50th birthday-it is also my mom and dad’s THIRTY SECOND anniversary! 32 years of loving one another…and I think it’s safe to say that they love each other even more than they did 32 years ago. For real- my parents are the real deal. They are the best example of a godly marriage I have ever seen. I am so glad we have them to look to as an example and a model for how to treat each other and how to show Christ through our love for one another. It doesn’t get more real than those two…..they are so cute together it’s kind of ridiculous sometimes. 🙂 I love you Momma and Daddy! Happy Anniversary!!