Yesterday Josie’s Daisy troop went to visit the fire station and police station. They learned a lot, and even got to see the fire fighters leave for a call! Josie was really nervous at first, which surprised me, because she is REALLY not shy. I’m not sure why, but as soon as she saw those fire fighters take their call, her nervousness disappeared. It was like she just had to see how everything worked before she would accept that it was not scary :). Who knows what’s going on inside that little brain!

Conversations with Jack

Jack is really into playing “I Spy” right now. So we were playing at dinner tonight, and he was “spying” things “I spy wish my wittle eye somfing….white, dreen, purple, etc.” Keep in mind we are eating dinner, because his next thing to say was…“I spy something roll.” (Yes, he was referring to the roll on his plate.) That kid….I love him 🙂