Christmas Day

After we finish our Christmas morning stuff, we head down to my Grammy and Pappy’s to for a big breakfast with my Dad’s side of the family. The men are in charge of cooking. 

Jake always cooks the eggs, Andy makes fried oysters, Daddy fries sausage, Uncle Bill does the ham, and Kyle fries the bacon. They pretty much have it down to an art, and my mom is the mastermind of organization and cleaning while it all goes on. 🙂 (Plus she handles the non-grease filled food-like biscuits, gravy, hashbrown casserole, and most importantly, CHOCOLATE gravy).

Lane was kind of  most DEFINITELY the center of attention….

I mean, who could blame us? Look at him! 

After the extended family leaves, we do Christmas with my parents and my brother and sister and their families. We are about to outgrow my parent’s living room-it was a really tight squeeze this year! 

After we hang out at my parent’s house, we head back over to Mee-Maw’s – she always cooks chili and soup and has it warm for whenever we want to drop by. 

The kids were showing Jennie their favorite iPad games. So glad she got to be here for Christmas this year! 

Christmas Morning

We keep Christmas morning kind of low-key at our house.

This was the first year Josie has actually wanted Santa to visit our house (all the other years she was deathly afraid of him), so Santa came, but only briefly. And Santa was definitely not the main focus of our celebration. Our kids also don’t get a lot of stuff on Christmas; no judgement at all for families that go all out – we are just INCREDIBLY blessed with lots and lots of people who love on our kiddos, and so they do not want for anything, ever. So it does not make sense for us to get them a million things. Plus, we are trying very hard to keep the focus of our celebration on the giving, not receiving, and the REAL reason we celebrate. So after the gift giving, we always sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles for Baby Jesus, which the kiddos are always so happy about. 🙂 In fact, that might have been Jack’s favorite part of the morning! But, just for curiosity sake, the present low down: Santa brought the kiddos a together gift- a puppet theater! (which they have both been wanting for ages), and stuffed their stockings with puppets to go with it. Jake and I got Josie a guitar (since she wants to take lessons) and Jack a “dreen” (green) ukelele (since he is always wanting Josie’s). And now for the best part…..the pictures!

New look!

Check out my photography page – Jake has redesigned it, and it looks SO much better! He made me the most awesome new logo and watermarks, too – he is super talented, that hubby of mine :). Also, I have changed some of my privacy settings, so my Family and Church photos now need a password – so family and friends, let me know if you would like to access those photos, and I will be happy to give you the new password.

Stay tuned…because this blog is about to get an overhaul, too! New designs for a new year!

Christmas Eve

Christmases around here sometimes feel like marathons….so much fun, family, love, and laughter….but they can also be LONG. So I am breaking up our Christmas into two posts. 

We always kick off Christmas Eve morning at Mama Judy’s, celebrating with Jake’s family. We have a big, yummy, breakfast, and then open gifts and just hang out. We were so excited that Jennie could join us this year! 

Jake always cooks the eggs…

My annual Christmas apron pic of Mee-Maw

Annual cousins-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree pic

Josie got new legos, and she and Abby worked and worked until they had the WHOLE set put together! 

These two…..are almost ALWAYS up to something. 🙂

We taught Carley to play Speed…I think Mee-Maw beat her every time. 🙂

Speed wars…

Christmas Eve night we always spend at Nana’s with my Mom’s side of the family. Nana always cooks a big steak dinner, and this year there was a LOT of Lane lovin’. 🙂

We couldn’t resist….and yes, the light were on him for less than a minute.

Jack finally met Lane…for the most part, he acted like he didn’t exist, which is just fine with us. 🙂 Funny story: When I first showed him Lane, he said “But where Lane?” I think he fully expected him to be about 3, ready to play, and when he wasn’t, Jack was pretty much not interested. I love that kid. 🙂

Ta made Josie’s cute outfit. 🙂

It was a great Christmas Eve!