Yes, it might be cliche, but I love to use Thanksgiving morning to reflect on the past year and think about all the MILLIONS of ways we are so very blessed.

So here is this year’s list of things I am thankful for, in no particular order (and this is definitely NOT everything, just some important ones).

-These two crazy kiddos. 

-My wonderful husband.


-The fact that Jake is now working for himself, at home. This has been such a wonderful blessing in SO many different ways. 

-Our awesome church family. 

-My job (even when it is crazy).

-Good doctors. 

-Great friends. 

-Our awesome families. We would NOT survive having two kids without having such a wonderful “village.” I am a firm believer that it really does take a village to raise kids…who would I be to think that I am the only person my kids need?

-My crazy, fun, supportive, GREAT team I work with. 

-All of our many, many, many material blessings….house, clothes, vehicles, books, technology, my CAMERA……etc.

-Date nights with my hubby (again…the VILLAGE)

-Awesome, lazy, camping vacations

-Music. Period.

-My soon-to-be new nephew, Lane! 

-Hobbies that are stress relievers. Painting, jogging, taking pictures. 

-And then all those little goofy things… Grey’s Anatomy, donuts, chocolate, sweet tea, iPhones, good boots, cozy jackets and scarves, cute little girl clothes and bows, Tervis Tumblers (not joking), chocolate covered raisins, hot chocolate (I am sensing a pattern….)

And there are so very, very, very, many more things…..I hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving! I am now off to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with my munchkins-always a tradition around here! 

Crazy, I tell you!

Here lately….

Life here lately has been pretty good…crazy as always, but good. 🙂 Thought I would do a little photo dump, since it’s been awhile…

Jack and Matthew, playing Mee-Maw’s iPad…these boys are peas in a pod..

Loaded my photos and found this one…..these kiddos crack me up!

I’ve been taking pictures for our church directory on Sundays, and Jack has been my photo assistant….he wanted me to take a picture of him-this kid. He is TOO much.

Tuesday the kindergartners had a “Thanksgiving Feast” (breakfast) and invited all the families to come. Jessi watched my class, and Jake got to come, too (I LOVE him working from home!). Josie’s class dressed as pilgrims. 🙂

This girl LOVES her Daddy, so very, very much

These are Josie’s besties from her class. 🙂

Jack FINALLY got to meet our new cat Bert (whom he has dubbed “Bert Cat”). He was napping when they brought her Sunday, and then it has been dark every morning/night when we have left and gotten home, so she has been in hiding…but yesterday, we were home, and we coaxed her out of hiding and they played with her for awhile. She is a really good cat. 🙂

Today was a big day for the Josie girl. My friends Jessi and Cory are moving, and they can’t take their cat with them…so they asked if Josie could have her! It was a total surprise for Josie, and she was SO exited. So welcome to Bert, the newest member of our household. Thanks Jessi and Cory for making one little girl COMPLETLEY happy 🙂

Tonight we got to have another date night (We have been really spoiled this month! Thanks Mom and Dad ?). We went to Red Robin with my friend Jessi and Megan and their husbands, Cory and Justin. Then we all went to watch Catching Fire-I couldn’t wait to see it-I have been waiting for it since last year! And it definitely didn’t disappoint-it was really good. It was a great night. 🙂

Date night

Jake and I were so happy and blessed to get to have another date night last night! (Thanks, Mama Judy!) Our music minister is a songwriter, and to get his songs “out there,” he and some other songwriters have started a band called MamaDear. They are SO awesome to listen to, and so very talented, and last night they had their official EP release party at Station Inn in Nashville. It was a lot of fun, and I am SO glad we got to go see him!

After the show, we decided to head to Jeni’s to get some ice cream (and yes, I am now obsessed with it). We invited our friends Meghan and Andy, to come with us-I loved just getting to hang out with them! (outside of church)

Such a fun night! 


Josie has been LOVING being in Daisies. I am so glad we made the decision to let her join. At first I said no, because I didn’t want another thing to take away from our family time. But then, their meeting time ended up being right after school on Mondays, AT our school, and when their leader told me that I could work in my room while me met? I was sold. 🙂 That would be time I would be at school anyways, trying to entertain Josie AND get some work done, so it was a win-win situation all around! 

The past two meetings they have done some really fun stuff. Two weeks ago they took a little field trip to the high school to learn a dance and a cheer with the high school cheerleaders. They were working on their “strength” petal, so the cheerleaders taught them how to do a pyramid! They all had SO much fun. Josie was totally in her element! 

Getting into the pyramid….

Josie’s dream come true! They all switched to all the positions, so they could learn what to do at each spot. 

Learning the dance…

These girls are all so sweet!

This week they were working on their “manners” petal, so they had a dress up tea party to practice table manners. They were all just thrilled to get to wear dress up clothes. 🙂

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance to start their meeting.

Josie got to lead the girl scout pledge

Melt my heart…. 🙂

They learned to set the table, how to pass food politely, and how to use manners when asking for something at the table. 

This coming weekend, they are going to get to be in a Christmas parade, which Josie has been talking about for weeks-she is SO excited! 🙂 

Thanks Mrs. Jennifer, for making Daisies so awesome!