So. I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. It has been kind of a rough couple of weeks around here, especially this week. Loooong story short, I had an anaphylactic reaction to my allergy shots yesterday, and ended up in the ER. Fun times :). I have all kinds of cute pics to post-trunk or treat, Casey’s baby shower, Casey’s maternity pics, and lots of random other pics-so look for those coming soon, as soon as things get less crux around these parts, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Birthday Party Fun

On Saturday Josie, Jack, and I went to a birthday party for one of Josie’s sweet friends. It was such an awesome party, with a fire to get warm by, popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade in Mason jars, a bounce house, an abundance of awesome food, cake, cupcakes, a hayride, and a pinata. Josie and Jack had a blast just playing outside with all the kiddos, and everyone ended up staying well after the official “end” time. (The mark of a good party, in my opinion!) 🙂

Looking at all the animals! (they totally live on a farm)

My kiddos being sweet to each other

Aren’t these girls just too sweet?

This kept all the kids entertained for a LONG time. And that’s Josie going down on the left side…

Jack enjoying (actually eating!) his food…

The sweet birthday girl 🙂

Happy Birthday to you!

All of Josie’s besties, all in one place 🙂

Bundled up for a hayride!

My sweet boy 🙂

Fall Camping

We just got back from our annual fall camping trip. I say “annual,” but this year, nothing was the same as it usually is, except for the fact that we went camping in the fall…..normally, we always go camping at Dale Hollow Dam over Columbus Day weekend, then go with Jake’s family to stay in a cabin at a state park. Well, due to the government shutdown, our reservations to Dale Hollow Dam were cancelled. And, we weren’t planning on our cabin trip like normal, because my sister in law was going to be on a mission trip. So anyways, long story short, we ended up getting reservations at Standing Stone State Park to go camping (state parks weren’t affected by the gov’t shutdown) from Sunday-Friday. And Mama Judy came with us for the first part of the week, so it was kind of like our two normal trips were just mushed together. 🙂

Even though nothing was the same as normal, we still had a lot of fun. State park campgrounds are a lot different than our normal campgrounds, but we were able to get a spot right next to Mom and Dad, which made it nice. There is also a lot to do-trails around the private lake, kayaking on the lake, renting paddleboats, bike riding, corn hole, ping pong, and the boys went hunting and fishing. It rained a couple of days, but it was nice to be holed up inside, working on art projects, watching movies, and just being lazy. The kids had a great time, as usual, and didn’t want to go home. Josie did tell me she was lonely without any other kids, though (we normally go with a huge group of people, and there are always other kids there for her to play with). She and Jack play SO good together, but she is SUCH social butterfly. 🙂


Reading a hunting magazine with Pappy

Playing ball with Daddy

The kids were THRILLED that our site was right beside the volleyball court, which was full of sand :). Kept them entertained for a LONG time-on the warm day, anyway….after this day it turned cold and rainy. 

Jack loved this swinging bridge

Looking at the old dam with Pappy

Jake and Mama Judy, looking at the lake

They just HAD to feel the water 🙂

We all went on a hike around the lake….the whole trail around the lake is 8 miles, so we just did part of it since we had the kiddos. 

One day we rented a paddle boat….it was so much fun, but a LOT of work! 

Jack wanted to help us steer

Josie did a lot of pedaling!

While we were in the paddle boat, Jake and Daddy rented a row boat and went fishing-they caught several!

Jack was fascinated by all the fish…

One one of the rainy days, we had a craft day while Jake and Daddy went squirrel hunting.

And we curled up in bed….

And jumped on Daddy….

The next day the rain cleared off in the afternoon….and then there was mud….

LOTS of mud….

Mr. Rick and Mrs. Nancy came, too

One night we roasted marshmallows

….and had s’mores…

AND made fried pies over the fire….we haven’t done this in years, and it is, hands down, one of my all time favorite desserts….SO good. 

This morning before we left, Ta cooked us waffles-thanks, Ta! They were so good!

It was a good trip, and I’m glad to be home, and glad to still have a couple of days left of my fall break to get the laundry caught up, finish picture organizing and my digital scrapbooking, and just be lazy. 🙂

2 years, 8 months

Dear Jack,

I need you to just stop already. Stop growing up!! I want to keep you my sweet little baby forever! But since you are making it clear that that is NOT going to be possible, I at least want to savor every moment. This month….

-You are COMPLETELY potty trained. You only wear diapers at night, and you hardly ever have accidents. If you do have an accident, it is generally during nap time. You even tell us when you need to go. We are so proud of you!

-We went on our church retreat in Linden, and we all had fun.

-We went to the Farmer’s Market in Nashville and picked out lots of pumpkins….you picked out a “dreen” one, of course.

-You got to spend the night with Nana one night, and with Mee-Maw one night. You love spending the night places now. You even ask-“Me pend da night?”

-You got to go to your friend Roman’s birthday party.

-We went to Disney on Ice with Josie’s Daisy troop-you were AMAZED. Your favorite part was all the ice skating tricks they did, but you did NOT like the dragon-you said, “Dat Dwagon is scawy!”

-You talk ALL.THE.TIME. You are giving your sister a run for her money, something I didn’t think was ever going to be possible. Some things you say often….”You crack me up!”; “Dat’s dross!” (That’s gross); “Dat’s yuck!”; “Me do it by sels” (me do it by myself); ”You pat-pat me?”; “Me not wike it”; “Take it oss” (off); “wuv you one moh” (love you one more); “Me have milk please?”; “Me need go potty!”

-You still do not eat a ton, and milk is your favorite thing in the universe, but when you actually eat, some of your favorite foods are oatmeal, oyster crackers, popcorn, muffins (“mussins”), chocolate donuts, frozen yogurt pops, grapes, pretzels.

-Some of your favorite toys are laundry baskets, absolutely anything with wheels (especially monster trucks), your mower, your Jeep at Nana’s house, your stick horse, Legos, any riding toy, Josie 🙂 (ya’ll play SO good together), anything you can push/pull. Your favorite book this month was still “The Sailor Dog” and any kind of train book. Your favorite TV show right now is “Mighty Machines.” You love to cuddle, and I think you would sleep with me every night if I let you (which I don’t!)

-Some things you do NOT like are bugs of any kind, any kind of casserole or chili (you say, “Dat yuck!”), when you have an accident, having to drink water instead of milk, having to come inside instead of playing outside, bed time (You are not a fan of sleeping).

Little boy, I love seeing you change and grow and learn new things……but if I could bottle you up and keep you just the way you are right now, I would think seriously about doing it! You are so sweet, funny, mischievous, and little evil, all at once. 🙂 We say often that you are SUCH a boy, and those cute dimples that you have let you get away with far too much….you have the ability to infuriate and melt a person’s heart, all in one instant :). I love you sweet boy.



Field Trips, Fall Break, and Fun

So I will go ahead and mention this fun fact-I am on fall break!!! Woohoo! I plan to do a whole lot of nothing, spend a lot of time with my sweet little family, do some arts/crafts projects I have been dying to do, read (since I haven’t even opened a book since summer), and catch up on some (digital) scrapbooking. 

Yesterday we kicked off Fall Break in a fun way. Josie’s class had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch, and I took the day off so Jack and I could go with her. Well, as far as field trips go, this one tops my charts ( and I have been on a LOT of field trips in my eight years of teaching) as one of the most stressful and chaotic!! And it totally wasn’t our school’s fault…the place had WAY overbooked, and was very disorganized. We still managed to have some fun, though, and then after the school busses pulled away (and I breathed a major sigh of relief), I stayed with Josie and Jack and, Josie’s best friend and her mom stayed, too, so we let them run all over the place and do some stuff they didn’t get to do with the class. 

Pulling up with her class 🙂

Picking out her pumpkin (Two sidenotes: Yes, Ta did make her ADORABLE pumpkin outfit-thanks, Ta! And, two-her eye is SOO much better-thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers!)

The crazy Jack-man with his pumpkin (“Sun too bright, Mama!”)

Josie with some of her friends from her class 🙂

I LOVE this pic for some reason…

My two little munchkins

Josie with her bestie 🙂

Another sweet friend…

Jack LOVED this bouncy thing they had….

This corn bin was SO cool….I think the kiddos would have stayed in here ALL day if we would have let them….

Jack REALLY wanted to move all of these pumpkins that were bigger than him….

This was Josie’s favorite part….getting to “milk” the cow…

Happy Fall, ya’ll! 

Songs with Josie

Josie: “Girl, put your record down, tell me your favorite song, go ahead put your hair down,
Sour and plated cheese, I hope you get your dreams, just go ahead let your hair down….”

Actual words:
“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.”