Our weeks are SO busy/jammed full, that it makes me love weekends just that much more…we generally do NOT have a lot of plans on the weekends, and I try to soak up as much “resting” time as possible, to prepare for the next crazy week. So I apologize that the only time I seem to be blogging much is the weekends….It’s just what works for me right now. 🙂

The rest of this post does not go together at all…just some pics I wanted to share. 🙂

At Josie’s gymnastics, there is this HUGE hill that the kids are always wanting to climb….so this Tuesday, I let them. 🙂

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here or not, but I have been getting allergy shots….a LOT of allergy shots, as an attempt to get my asthma under control. Right now I am getting eight shots a week (4 one day, 4 another day), and each time I get shots, I have to wait 20 minutes after I get them to make sure I don’t have an allergic….so long story short, we spend a LOT of time at the pharmacy where I get my shots……so the sweet pharmacist that gave my kids balloons the other day? He didn’t even KNOW how awesome he is…..balloons keep kids entertained FOREVER. 

Today a sweet boy from our church turned two, and Josie, Jack, and I went to his party to celebrate. It was at Cornerstone Church, where they have this awesome indoor play place-that thing is HUGE. Jack loved it the whole time, and Josie, per usual, wouldn’t even go up in it until the last ten minutes, and then she decided she loved it. Silly girl.

Warning: TONS of cute kiddos in the pics coming up-our church is overflowing with beautiful kiddos! 

The birthday boy! 

This thing is HUGE

All kinds of cute kiddos!

Happy Birthday!

Now back to relaxing on my couch 🙂


This was a good, friend filled weekend. Saturday morning I hit the ground running, and didn’t really stop until way too late after the kiddos bed time…..but such is Saturdays around here right now, because it is the ONLY day I have to catch up around the house. 

Lewis came over to watch the UT game with Jake…..Jack LOVES rough housing and playing with Mr. “Lelus” 🙂

Sundays is usually the day I do my school work for the weekend…. but I was craving some “friend” time this weekend. I needed some good laughing, not thinking about school, just hanging out with sweet friends time. Sometimes hanging out with friends, enjoying my family and the beautiful weather just trumps work. And it should. I work very hard to not allow my work to come first….it doesn’t always work out the way I want it too…but I sure can try! So we celebrated this beautiful first day of fall by eating on the porch at Sopapilla’s (this AMAZING Mexican restaurant in H’ville) with our sweet friends Andy and Megan and Dan and Hannah. We spent every part of 2 hours, just hanging out, enjoying the weather and the amazing food. The kiddos were SO good, and let us just relax and talk. 

Mini dance party 🙂

Josie LOVES Mr. Dan

….and Mrs. Hannah 🙂

Mr. Cutie Pants

After we (finally) left the restaurant and ran by the grocery store, we got home just in time to get the house straightened up and throw dinner in the crockpot for our next friend shindig. Tonight our friends Nick and Mel and their boys came for dinner. It had been ages since we had gotten to hang out with them, so it was so nice to catch up! And our kids LOVE their kiddos, so it just works out all the way around. 🙂

And now….I will be up entirely too late working on school work, per usual…..but it was worth it to get to have some sweet time with my family and friends. 🙂

This girl.
Yep, the one with a bunny shirt.
The one who was a veterinarian for career day at school today.
She LOVES kindergarten.
But kindergarten WEARS her out.
By Friday afternoons, this girl is a bit of a HOT MESS.
This girl fell asleep on the way home at 6:00.
And didn’t complain one bit when I put her to bed an hour before bedtime.
It’s easy to forgot how little she is sometimes.
Even though she is too big for her britches, too.
I love her.
Like, a lot.

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Church Retreat

This weekend we had our annual church retreat, and as usual it was great. (exhausting, but great) This year we went to Linden Valley church camp. It is just for one night (Friday night) and one day, but we pack a LOT of fun into that day. We got there at dinner time on Friday night and got unpacked, ate some food (and it was definitely “camp” food…questionable at best) :), and let the kiddos run off some steam. Then we dropped the kids off with the childcare workers and went to our first session. The whole weekend was focused on 2 Corinthians 5: 16-21 and what it means to have our identity in Christ. 

After the first session was over, we all went back over to our rooms and put kiddos to bed. Then the child care workers hung out over there so we could all go back for our annual Redeemer “Talent” show. (Which basically means whatever you can think of that might be hilarious). It was led, as usual, by the hilarious Lindsey Jo and Bryant, and the whole thing was awesome-we were all holding our sides from laughing so hard before it was all over. Jake and a group of ridiculously talented guys from our church did “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and it was SO awesome. Especially considering that they only practiced for like 20 min before the show started. 

Saturday we had a session, some free time, lunch, another session, and then some baptisms at the creek. During free time a bunch of played some sand volleyball. It was a lot of fun, but my arms are SO bruised! The baptisms were really neat down at the creek. It was such a beautiful setting. It was also the perfect way to end such an awesome time with our church family.