Josie… an a very unexpected place!

So tonight I was reading through email, and I opened an email for a flyer for a 5k I run every year with Daddy. I was looking at it, reading the info…..and then all of a sudden I saw Josie! She was in one of the pictures on the flyer, the picture with the helicopter. Random, huh? But that’s my Josie girl! Toes pointed and everything…… Oh, and I think Jack is actually in the helicopter behind her, too. Silly kids. 🙂


Nana on vacation

The kiddos had a different kind of week this week while I was at school. Normally, Nana watches them Tuesday-Friday. This week, she was on a church trip, so the kiddos stayed with someone different almost every day. They missed their Nana, but I think they had a fun week, too :). 

Monday they stayed with Grammy and Pappy as usual (they always pick Josie up from preschool). They always have a blast there. Tuesday Shshr kept the kiddos at Nana’s house, and they had a fun day of playing outside. 

Wednesday Josie came to school with me for school as usual, and Jack got to spend the day at Shshr’s house. He got to have a pizza picnic in the living room and play with all her old toys. 🙂

Thursday the kiddos had a very special treat-Lesa and Uncle Chad took them to the zoo!! Josie was so excited when I told her she was going to Chad’s house-she said “Yes! I’ll get to watch Duck Dynasty!" 

Funny story to these pics: They were in the bird cage, and this bird landed on Chad’s hand. Then it started hopping up Jack’s arm, which he was cool with….until it landed on top of his head!! This is where Lesa had to stop taking pictures, though, because she had to help with the freak out. 🙂

After the zoo, Lesa had to to go to school, so it was just Chad and the kids. He took them to McDonalds and then back to his house. Chad put Jack down for a nap, laid on the couch for FORTY minutes without going to sleep. When Chad finally went back in there, Jack said "I wake up!” So Chad loaded them in the car to go to Grammy and Pappy’s, thinking he would go to sleep on the way…no such luck. I went down there after work, and we all just ended up staying for dinner. My asthma was in full gear, so it was nice to not have to cook and let the kids play with Grammy and Pappy and Uncle Chad and Aunt Casey (and it is SO rare for all three of us kids to be at Mom and Dad’s at the same time these days). 

Rock-Rock ship!! (Rocket ship)

Hiking in the creek with Pappy

The garden rows were almost as deep as Jack is tall! 

I love my Mom and Dad….whenever I think of them, this is pretty much how I picture them, all the time. 🙂

Friday Jack went back to Grammy and Pappy’s while Josie went to preschool. 

It was “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” day at school. (One of the perks of her going to preschool at my school: I get to see the cool stuff she is doing!)

All in all, I think they had a pretty good week! They sure are ready to see their Nana again, though-they really missed her! 🙂 I am SOOO grateful we have so much family that lives so near us, that are so willing to watch and love on our kids at any given moment. 

And to end this post, here is a rather random photo of Jack: 

He and Josie were playing some kind of random make believe game, and he needed to rescue her from something (snakes, maybe?), and so he had to go get his “rescue gear.” He came back with his shark gloves and his head lamp. Goofy kid. 🙂


So….I like to give up something for Lent every year. This year, I decided to give up Facebook. And after Easter, I never went back….. I didn’t really realized quite how addicted I was to Facebook…it is scary how you can have an addiction to something and not even know. Not like Facebook is even a bad addiction…although I guess every addiction is bad in some way or another. However, I discovered that no FAcebook is a good thing for me. I got way more work done at night, I have read so many more books and found a few more good blogs, and found it easier to keep off my phone when my kiddos are awake. I also found that after a couple of weeks, I really didn’t feel like I was missing a thing! I still found out important news, just maybe a little bit later than other people. Which is SO not a big deal. So I guess I never went back after Easter, because I was afraid I would get sucked back in.

Now, please do not get me wrong. I do not in any way that Facebook is a bad thing or a wrong thing for ANYONE. I just think that it probably isn’t the smartest idea for me….because I spent WAY too much time on it, I think, for me personally.

The only thing I have missed about Facebook is how easy it is to share photos with friends/family. So today I think I am going to go back…..but only for picture sharing purposes. No more news feed for me. I might occasionally check out a friend’s page, too. But I am trying to go back in a way that will not feed an addiction :).

Last night Jake had a guy’s night, so I decided to have two of my besties over for dinner/hanging out. We had so much fun! We had potato soup and salad for dinner, and after I put the kiddos to bed (after they hung out under the stairs during the tornado warning), we got out some games to play. Jessi ROCKED Rubic’s Race, but Megan definitely was the queen of Spoons. I haven’t played Spoons for years, and it was SO much fun. We laughed harder than I have in a long time :). I am so glad God has blessed me with an abundance of sweet ladies in my life that I get to call friends.

Camping Weekend

(Yes, I know…”tomorrow” turned into the “day after tomorrow.” Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes) :).

We had a wonderful first camping trip of the season kind of weekend around here. We left Friday afternoon after we both got off work, and headed to Defeated Creek Campground on Cordell Hull Lake. Friday night was COLD, but it was great campfire weather. The weather was beautiful the rest of the weekend. Just a little chilly, but sunny and dry. It was such a great weekend of being with friends and family, fishing (for Jake and the kids), bike riding, sand box playing, reading, and relaxing.

Josie LOVED getting to spend so much time with all of her camping buddies. She actually started calling them her “camping cousins.” Who can say no to that? 🙂 Pappy and Grammy took both of the kiddos fishing, and Josie came back SO excited to tell me that she had caught a “bat” and Jack had caught a “rim!” (They caught a BASS and a BRIM). I love it when she messes up words, because it lets me catch a glimpse of that sweet baby who is fading very (TOO) quickly!

Jack had a BLAST riding his bike, all over the campground. I can’t even count all the comments we got about how he was so little to be riding so well, or how neat his bike was. He loved riding it, and is getting really fast.

Now, lets just get to the pictures, because they are the best part anyways.

Fishing with Grammy….

The “rim” and “bat”

“Helping” Pappy carry the fish up the hill……..

Nothing more exciting than fish in a bucket!

Pretty girl….

Silly M on Josie’s trike

Aren’t these two adorable?

Such a wonderful family, we have been camping with ages-now they get to bring their grandbabies!

Playing in the sand! Josie lOVES to play in the sand, especially when she has sweet girly friends to play with.

More sweet friends

Jack loved riding his bike on the gravel even more than the road. I think he liked the crunching sound the gravel made under his tires.

Riding with Pappy

The Smith clan all out for a ride….

Sweet boys

The only thing more entertaining than fish in a bucket is watching Pappy CLEAN and skin the fish!

Jack is a wee bit obsessed with flashlights. He had a head lamp on his head, a glow light on his wrist, and he was playing with Nana’s flashlight.

Warm sand!

Being silly…..”Mom! take a picture of me!”

Bike ride with the big kids

My little daredevil, showing us how he could ride with NO hands. What am I going to do with this kid?

Josie loves to color….

Throwing sticks in the lake…..I think Jack would have seriously stayed down here all day long.

Blowing dandelions….

It was such a wonderful trip; i hated to see it end, ALL too quickly.

4 years, 10 months


It is SO hard to believe that you are just 2 months shy of being FIVE years olds, and big enough to go to kindergarten. That is such a HUGE milestone, and I am just in disbelief that I have a little girl that is that big. But, you ARE that big, and you remind us every day just how big you are :).  While I am lamenting, you are totally embracing-which is just as it should be. 🙂 You had a big month this month…

-You had a nasty stomach bug, but you were such a pleasant little trooper throughout the whole ordeal. 

-Went to Loveless Cafe with Mommy, Daddy, and Jack. 

-Had another snow day at home (which you were NOT happy about-you wanted to go to school!)

-Ate us out of house and home-you seriously have been on a HUGE eating kick/growth spurt.

-Celebrated Easter in a big way, with Easter egg hunts at preschool, with your cousins, and at Nana’s. Even with all the Easter egg hunting, you were still very quick to remind us what Easter is all about-“Because Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and he rose out of the tomb and went to live with his Father, who is God, ya know.”

-Had a cat come to live with us for a few days. You named her Butter and were so excited to finally have a pet, but she disappeared in just a couple of days. BUT-you were SO mature about the whole thing. I had warned you that cats did not always stay around, and sure enough this one disappeared as fast as it came. And you were totally okay with that. I was SO proud of you for being such a big girl about the whole thing. And now we are on the semi-look out for another cat. 

-Spent the night with Mee-Maw.

-Flew a kite, and almost got it stuck in a tree. Figured out how to do it all by yourself!

-Celebrated Nana’s birthday with a big party at Mrs. Betty’s house.

-Got to go to Raegan’s woodland fairy birthday party, and feed the goats! You were so excited about this party, that you were awake until midnight the night before, because you couldn’t sleep!

-Got to go on another field trip-this time to see “Go Dogs, Go!” at the Nashville Childrens’ Theather. This was your first play, and you really loved it. You did sit with your hands over your ears for most of it, though.  You are not a big fan of things that are really loud.

-Mommy and Daddy finally made you watch some new, different movies like “Cinderella” and “The Aristocats” and you LOVED them both. 

-A funny saying this month: (that was heard often) “This is DELISH!”

-Likes: Food, especially fruit, chicken, tacos, spaghetti, pancakes, eggs, yogurt, broccoli/parmesan, hamburgers, cereal, granola bars, peanut butter/honey, Nutella, and any kind of “azert” (dessert);  Eating at restaurants; Barbies; any type of dress-up doll; your brother; pretending; playing dress up; spending the night with anyone; preschool; playing with your doll house and kitchen; cats; swinging; ANY arts and crafts, especially painting; parties (you LIVE for parties and any other type of social gathering or holiday); Sunday School; gymnastics

-Dislikes: Having to try new foods at dinner; when schedules change at the last minute; scary movies/music; being woke up in the mornings

You are such a funny, unique, sweet little girl, and some days I am in awe that God has blessed me with such a wonderful sweetheart.