Meet Butter, the newest member of our family. 🙂 This week she just showed up at our house and adopted us.. She would be ours whether we wanted her or not, because she has made it very clear that she refuses to go anywhere else. We are suspicious that she is either pregnant, or has just very recently had kittens under our barn….I guess we will find out soon enough! 

Josie is OVER THE MOON with excitement. She has wanted a cat for AGES, and we told her no until she was old enough to feed it herself. And then this one showed up. BUT, she is doing a GREAT job helping me feed it, and she is just thrilled all over again, every time she goes outside. I’m not sure how she picked the name Butter, but she did, and it has stuck. 

She is the sweetest, most good natured cat I have ever met. She is loving and wants to be petted, often. 

Good Friday

Our Good Friday was, well….good! Really good, in fact. Every Good Friday, it is tradition for Jake’s family to come to our house and Jake grills hamburgers and hotdogs and we have a big egg hunt for all the kiddos. Well, it was POURING rain all day, but that definitely didn’t stop us from having fun! Jake just moved the grill to the barn, and he and Andrew grilled all the food out there.

Grillin’ in the rain…


After we had finished eating, it was still pouring outside, so we decided to have an indoor egg hunt. We sent all the kiddos upstairs, and got busy hiding eggs downstairs….we were able to find some VERY creative spots to hide eggs!

The kids waited (pretty) patiently, and did a great job staying upstairs while we got all the eggs hid.

They were SO excited, though.

Finally it was time for them to come on down. We made them come down youngest to oldest, just so it would be fair…..

Jack found the first egg on his way down the stairs!

Jack had found this egg, but he was too short to reach all the way down to the bottom of the jar…. 🙂 So I came to the rescue.

Yep, the rain DEFINITELY did not stop them from having a blast! After we hunted eggs, Mama Judy asked me to get a picture of all the kids for a frame she was trying to update.

I love these sweet kids!

Friday night we went to our Good Friday service at church. It was a wonderful service, focusing on the fact that Jesus DIED for us….we are truly blessed.

Today Josie had an Easter egg hunt at preschool-she was SO excited, about every.single.aspect of it! She picked out this bunny shirt to wear that Ta made her (it also has a really cute skirt to go with it, but considering it was 28 degrees this morning, we thought we’d opt for jeans…), was SO excited when I pulled out her purple bunny Easter basket, and was raring to go as soon as she woke up this morning.
She had such a fun time celebrating at school with her friends, and to ought she reminded us what a BIG heart she has. She was looking at all the candy she collected, and she said, “I can’t wait to hide all this candy for my cousins when they come over! I don’t need all this candy, so I am going to make an Easter egg hunt for them to have fun.” I hope she ALWAYS has the sweet giving spirit she has right now.

Happy Birthday!

My blog turned FIVE today! I seriously can’t believe I have been writing on this little space of Internet for five years. What blows my mind even more us, that if this blog is five, that means JOSIE will be five in just a few short months-WOW.
So, thanks to those of you that have stuck around for all these years, or joined me somewhere along the way-I am still on awe that anyone would actually want to read about my life…so thanks for making me feel good! 🙂 Here’s to five more years!

Today was a good day. We had absolutely nothing on the calendar, so we just took the day and let it be. We ended up going on a little mini road trip to Brentwood, to go to the REI store to spend our dividend money. When we were (finally) done there, we decided that since we were already so close, we would go to the Loveless Cafe for late lunch/early dinner. You have to go to the Loveless at weird times of day, because if not, the wait is ridiculously long. We got there about 3:00, and still had to wait for about 35 minutes. It was TOTALLY worth the wait, though. The food there is absolutely amazing, especially their famous biscuits. The kids were really good today while we were shopping and riding, so we got them each an old fashioned candy stick at the gift shop :). It’s the small things, you know. We had a great ride back, listening to random oldies and watching the kiddos dance in their car seats. 🙂 I love my sweet little family, and I love getting to spend time with them just goofing off and having fun.

Side note:I also got to read a WHOLE novel today, something I haven’t gotten to do in a really long time. 🙂