We got to pick up Jack’s birthday present tonight, and we went ahead and gave it to him, basically because it was too big to hide….because we found him a train table!! I thought he was going to DIE from excitement, and he played, and played, and played some more….this little boy seriously loves trains/cars/trucks/anything with wheels. 🙂

Snowless Snow Day

Yesterday we had our second snowless snow day, which I was extremely grateful for….snow days may be the best part of being a teacher. 🙂 Seriously, I do love snow days, because since they are unexpected, I never have anything planned, and since they are just “bonus” free days, anything I get done around the house is just “bonus” …..so I never feel the need to HAVE to get things done. 

Yesterday was one of those lovely days. I mainly just played with the kids…we played about a million games of hide-and-go-seek, board games, kitchen, “pretend” camping, dress-up, we colored, did art projects, watched cartoons, etc. I did get a little school work done while they were napping, though.

This is where Josie can be found 80% of the time at our house….sitting at the kitchen table, working on some kind of art and craft project…this kid SERIOUSLY loves to create. 

I love the vast array of art supplies spread all around…

And this is what Jack can be found doing about 80% of the time…pushing or pulling some various toy around and around the circle of our house (our house was built in the 1930s, so it is just one giant circle, which is PERFECT for the kiddos. ) They go from the living room, into our room, through the kitchen, back into the living room….over, and over, over, and over again. 

Playing a fun new game Josie got for Christmas-“Headbandz”

After Jake got home last night we went to Academy where I FINALLY purchased some new running shoes….I have been running in the same shoes that I trained for/and ran the half marathon in…..yes, I know, I know….but look-new shoes!

I can’t wait to try these babies out! 

After Academy we went to O’Charley’s to use a gift card my sweet mother-in-law gave us for Christmas…..that is the best kind of present, because not only do we get to eat out, but there is no cooking, no clean up, no mess….and both kiddos fell asleep on the way home! Yay! 🙂

Now, I LOVE these snowless snow days….but it really needs to snow because my kiddos are itching to play in the snow! 

And now for the major photo drop….

So, like I said, life happens, and it has been a long time since I have done any posts with more than just one picture….so this is going to be a catch-up post from the last 2 weeks. Randomness, pure randomness. 🙂

Playing dress up on a day at home….

My little Raggedy Andy :)….(he seriously begged to put that wig on!)

They love to dance together :). Makes my heart happy!

A couple of weeks ago my uncle was ordained as a deacon in his church. We all went, and then we went back to Nana’s for a big dinner. Josie had a BLAST playing with Mackenzie. 

Some of Ta and Tommy’s nieces and nephews 🙂

I ordered the kiddos new duffle bags with some Christmas money they received. Aren’t these cute? I love them! And they are really heavy duty…..I may have a bit of an obsession with Pottery Barn….

One day we were out for awhile before gymnastics, and the kids had gone through all the snacks I had (and mind you, I HAD already fed them lunch, too), and were STILL starving….so we stopped and got some fries, and Josie was so excited to find this “J” fry! 

Josie and Jack watching another class do gymnastics, waiting on her class to start…..she looks WAY too old in this picture….

These kids LOVE their Shshr….

I thought they looked a LOT alike in this picture….

My pitiful boy at the doctor….I hate when my babies are sick…

He stole the doctor’s stethoscope….

These two can make a game out of ANYTHING! 🙂 

Tuesday we took Josie’s friend Raegan to ballet (she is in the same class as Josie)..the girls were SO excited to be riding together! 

Learning to do the splits….

They LOVE to play Jake’s instruments…

Ummm…yeah. This is what our house is like, 97% of the time. 

I am SOO glad Josie loves her brother so much, and is SO good with him…seriously. 

Well, maybe I will be better the rest of January….but if I’m not, that’s okay too :).