Final Christmas gathering

Yesterday was a full day. First we had church, of course. It  was my day to be in charge of the preschool children’s church class yesterday, so that meant I was Josie’s teacher, which she was really excited about.

She just HAD to wear her new purple sparkly boots that Aunt Angela got her for Christmas! These boots just SCREAM Josie, don’t you think? 🙂 (She also slept in sponge rollers-I think her hair looks so cute all curly, and it makes her even more prissier than normal, something I didn’t even think was possible!)

After church we went to Mom and Dad’s for lunch-chili-yum! It was perfect on such a cold day. I also did some laundry there, since our septic tank is on the fritz. 

Jack decided to see if he could fit magazines, a baby doll, AND himself in a little box at their house….

Last night we had our last Christmas gathering of the season at Jake’s Dad’s house. It was good. We had a yummy dinner, the kiddos played, the adults got to talk, and the kiddos enjoyed opening some presents. Josie had a blast playing with Abby (as usual) and Jack was absolutely fascinated with their dogs!

Jack discovered this old metal horse riding toy they had, and all of the kids had so much fun playing on it! It was a really cool antique.

A good way to wrap up our Christmas celebrations this year. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sweet hubby’s birthday, and we have had a great couple of days celebrating with him. Last night Nana let the kiddos spend the night so we could go have a date night. First we went to The ChopHouse to eat. SO yummy. Plus, we found out something cool. If you call and make reservations, they will ask you if it is a special occasion. I of course said yes, and they asked what for, and I said a birthday. They asked whose birthday it was, and told them Jacob. So when we got there, they had a signed card waiting for him, and then gave us free chocolate cake, complete with a candle! Awesome service! 🙂


After we ate, we wandered around Lowe’s for awhile, then Barnes and Noble. When we have the kiddos, it is hard to just wander around a store…so we always take advantage when we’re kiddless! Then we went to see “The Hobbit.” AWESOME movie, one we’ve both been waiting ages to see! 

This morning we both slept in really late (also something we can’t do with the kids), then went and relieved Nana of kid duty. The rest of the day was spent with Jake playing with his new birthday present (I got him a much-needed new banjo!) and me cleaning house. Then this afternoon I cooked one of Jake’s favorite desserts, apple rings, and started cooking a big dinner-goulash, corn, boiled potatoes, broccoli, and Mama Judy came over and make hot water cornbread. Hot water cornbread is Jake’s absolute favorite food, and I can make it, but she always does a better job. 🙂 Then we all feasted! 


After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and the kiddos helped Jake blow out his candles. 



Jack LOVES blowing out candles-he’s going to have a blast at his birthday. 


These kids LOVE their Daddy….

Happy Birthday, Jake! 

Another awesome day at home

It is SO RARE that we are all able to stay at home, all day, with no plans, for two days in a row-but we did it! And it was awesome. I haven’t changed out of pajamas yet (except, of course, when I showered and put on NEW pajamas-I’m not that gross!) 🙂
Today I got a lot more accomplished-made my new photo calendar for the year (found a great deal-only $8! At vistaprint.), worked on the kids memory books ( that I can never seem to get caught up on-I am SO far behind), and organized/cleaned out the kids bookshelf, toys and rooms, and clothes. We had already done our pre-Christmas purge, so there really wasn’t really much to be gotten rid of (except for Josie’s clothes, since she has grown a foot here lately!), but everything needed to be organized to make room for new. Plus, I always like to get everything reorganized over Christmas break-it’s a sickness, I know. 🙂 Anyways, it was a great day, and I am THOROUGHLY enjoying my break and getting to spend so much time with my babies and my sweet hubby.

The day after….

The day after Christmas may be one of my favorite days of the whole year. Today was absolutely no exception. We always make a point to stay at home all day long, just us, with no plans. We all stay in our pajamas all day, and just hang out, play with new toys and gadgets, watch movies, and just enjoy being together. I always try to just hang out and not let the Christmas tornado of clutter that is always ALL over the house bother me….but my inner organizational freak always seems to win out! I even told Jake this morning that I was not going to clean up any of the mess today…..but by lunch time I had already given in and vacuumed, washed dishes, cleaned out the fridge, and straightened up the whole downstairs. Now the upstairs is another story (although I did do a little bit up straightening up there, too), but at least now we can walk without tripping downstairs and actually find the dishwasher! 🙂 Now, I DEFINITELY did not spend my whole day cleaning-not even a fourth of the day cleaning! I did a WHOLE lot of picture organizing, captioning, uploading to my photo site, and blogging, of course. I also read on my new Kindle, played with the kiddos, read new books, sang songs, laid around, ordered pizza, had a family movie night with the kiddos, and then watched another movie with Jake-two movies in one day-that never happens! Days like today are the absolute best “stay-cation” days-perfect days. It even snowed today! It didn’t stick, but it sure was pretty to watch. 🙂

Like I mentioned, tonight we had a family movie/pizza picnic in the living room night. We watched Josie’s new movie, Tangled. I love family movie nights. 🙂

Chowing down……Jack seriously ate more today (combo of all three of his meals) than he has eaten in the past WEEK. I guess he was catching up! 

This is how Josie spent a LOT of the movie…..she is SO scared/nervous/anxious when she is watching movies…she is also so very emotional. I don’t know if you’ve seen Tangled or not (SPOILER ALERT), but if you have, the part at the end after Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair? Josie was SOBBING-no kidding. And she has even seen the movie before! She knew what was going to happen! She just has SUCH  a big heart….even for imaginary characters. 

Ahh…I absolutely love stay-at-home days when my WHOLE family is here, all day long, just us, hanging out, together. 

Christmas Day

And now for the last Christmas post for this year…..

After our Christmas morning, we always head down to my parent’s house for breakfast with my Dad’s side of the family. It is always a little bit crazy and chaotic, but it is also great to see family that we don’t get to see very often. The guys always cook (with a lot of supervision from my mom!) and then we enjoy a HUGE breakfast, topped off always by chocolate gravy and biscuits (the best part, of course!). 

Kyle and Jake cooking……Jake is in charge of the eggs here, too! I guess he is just an egg expert :).

Wyatt showing off his new gun-he was so proud of it!

Andy cooking the fried oysters-family tradition!

Daddy cooking sausage (two kinds!)

Josie with her cousins-she LOVES these girls, and talks about them all the time.

Alec…the serious look 🙂

My Grandaddy

Grandaddy and Stephanie

Waiting patiently to open presents (Jack was, again, getting tired-this was a lot of activity in two days for such a little boy!)

After the rest of the family left, my immediate family finally got to do our gift-exchanging. 

Casey and Kyle opening their presents…

Nana playing with Jack

I don’t know WHAT Jack was intending to do here….

Jack being extremely silly….the tiredness was turning into silliness!

After we all exchanged gifts and ate some lunch, we took the kiddos outside so they could enjoy their new gifts from Grammy and Pappy-big wheels! Jack was excited to “rye” that he could hardly contain himself! We did however, have to fight him to put his new helmet on before he could ride (Nana got the kids both awesome new helmets for Christmas). Pappy, Daddy, and I won the battle, though, and then he totally even forgot it was on, of course.

First he tried his new bike out for the first time outside (we had brought it with us).

He immediately tried to climb a hill with it…..

Then he got on the big wheel…..(Josie’s first for some reason)…and discovered….

……he could FLY down the hill on it! (which of course made Grammy a NERVOUS wreck!) 

He had SUCH a blast, and did it over, and over, and over, and over again. He kept saying  "FAS!“ (fast!)

And then, of course, Josie got on hers and stuck to the very flat sidewalk-she wouldn’t touch the hill with a 20 foot pole! (Didn’t I tell you? POLAR opposites!)

AFter we left my parent’s house, we headed to Mama Judy’s to eat a yummy dinner of chili and potato soup that she had cooked. We didn’t have an official get together time there, just an opportunity to hang out and spend some time with her on Christmas. It was awesome, and the kids were absolutely wiped out by the time we got home….and so was I! Christmas has a way of wearing you out! 

Merry Christmas, everyone!