Thankfulness Day 1

I meant to start this last week, but forgot…better late than never though! I want to post at least one thing I’m thankful for every day until Thanksgiving.

So, day one: I am thankful for wonderful family who will keep my kiddos not only while I work, but also so I can go jogging after work. 🙂 Jogging is my number ONE stress reliever.


Tonight was my Mom and Dad’s church Trunk or Treat, and it since it was at my Uncle Andy’s house, they invited the kids to come. Since we were already going to be in our costumes and out and about, and plus since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, we decided to go ahead and just make today Halloween and trick or treat, too. So earlier this week I talked to all of our normal houses (Mee-maw, Ta and Tommy, Shshr, Nana, and Mom and Dad-just family) to see if we could come trick or treat today. They all thought it was a great idea, so before trunk or treat we got dressed up and went trick or treating!

Josie wanted to be a FRIENDLY witch this year…her costume was SUPER cheap and easy, especially since Casey had already made her a tutu. All I had to do was find a witch hat-which was NOT easy. I went to 7 stores to find this one, and it had spider webs all over it. So I let her pick out some fabric to cover the webs up with. 🙂 Her broom is a stick and an old pom-pom. Everything else (leotard, scarf, shoes, tights) we already had! So all in all, I spent a total of about 5 dollars-sweet!

I made Jack a little bat costume. This was SUPER easy/cheap, too. He already had a black hoodie, so all I had to do was buy some black felt, cut it for wings, and safety pin it to the shirt. Then I cut out some little ears from felt, and safety pinned those to the hood. Painted his little nose black, and voila! Cutest little bat ever. 🙂 (Total cost for his costume: about $3 for felt, which I still have a ton of left over).

Josie was SO excited-she loves to get dressed up!

This was Jack’s first year to trick or treat where he was old enough to actually understand what was going on. We stopped at Mama Judy’s first.

He was so excited to see what Mee Maw put in his bucket!

Rare thing these days: Jack actually standing still and saying cheese!

Ta made the kids pumpkin cookies!

Shshr filled their baskets with yummy treats, too….

After trick or treating everywhere, we headed to “Tatie Ann’s house!)

Josie was SO excited that Katie Ann was dressed as a witch, too.

Painting a pumpkin-she did an AWESOME job….

This picture is super blurry, but I wanted to remember this-He tries to jump off EVERYTHING!

Both of the kiddos went on their first hayride tonight! (and loved it)

After the hayride, the kids went around to all the cars to trick or treat. We finally got Jack to say “treat” and he told everyone “nan-u” (thankyou) which was super adorable :).
All in all, we had a GREAT night. 🙂

Family photo shoot

Last Saturday Mama Judy had everyone over for an AWESOME fried chicken lunch (thanks, Mama Judy!) and she also wanted me to get some updated pictures of everyone. So we went out in the yard and had a quick photo shoot. The little boys were NOT in good moods, and the only way they would take pictures with everyone was to sit on the tractor. I think I ended up with some pretty good ones, though. I really wanted to get a good of Jack and Josie together, but Jack was NOT having it…I ended up with a couple of keepers, though. 

All SEVEN grandchildren…this picture was NOT easy to come by….


Trying to get at least one decent picture of the two of them together….kind of like pulling teeth….

(Mama Judy took these for me) 🙂