So I’m not sure about this whole, Jack can get out of his bed without help thing. This morning I didn’t hear him get up, and he went upstairs and woke Josie up and they were playing…. The only reason he woke me up was because he wanted some milk! :). #heloveshissister

Pumpkin Day!

One of the best parts of fall? Picking out pumpkins, of course! Today after school I took the kiddos to Smiley’s produce stand to pick out our pumpkins. I was as excited as them-I love to pick out pumpkins! Casey was there working, so we got to score some bonus “Aunt Tasey” time, too. 🙂 

Jack wanted to take home ALL the pumpkins….and kept trying to pick up pumpkins that were bigger than he was! 

I told Josie she could pick one pumpkin for herself…and this was it! I think she picked the biggest pumpkin they had! 

Sometimes trying to get a picture of these two together is like pulling teeth….

And all of our final choices, all set up on our table 🙂 Totally makes my heart happy! 

Happy Fall Ya’ll! 

Perfect Fall day…..

Sunday was the PERFECT fall day. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I love the first really cool day. We took total advantage of it, too. Mom and Dad invited us over to their house for lunch after church, and of course we said yes. 🙂 We all ate up in the cabin, and Daddy lit the little stove up there (it was REALLY cool outside!). He even had a fire going in the yard. We stayed outside the whole day, just hanging out, letting the kids play and swing, sitting around the fire, and drinking hot chocolate. It was great. 

(I got a new phone, and couldn’t  help playing around with the new panoramic feature….awesome, huh?)

Josie loves her Daddy…

Another panoramic shot….

My two favorite men….

If Jack did this once, he did it a MILLION times….

Josie’s first soccer game

Josie had her first soccer game today! And she did GREAT! We were so very proud of her. She had her second practice last night. It definitely went better than the first….she only cried once, at the beginning. Then I think a light bulb clicked, and she figured out what was going on-so she wasn’t nervous anymore! Our OCD little girl likes to know exactly what is going on at all times. So anyways, I wasn’t sure how today would go. But she really did awesome. She wasn’t nervous at all, and got out there and did her best. Now, this is not to say it wasn’t HILARIOUS to watch. Her whole team has never played before, and it was very obvious the other team HAD played before. Josie was funny….she would get really close to the ball, but it was like she was afraid to touch it…she kind of tip-toed around it. She is not at ALL aggressive. But, I was telling Jake today, this has to be the weirdest thing she has ever done…all her life, we have taught her to share and not take things away from people…and now we are telling her to STEAL the ball away from someone! 🙂 She did kick the ball a few times, though, and even got to throw it in once. Like I said, we were super proud of her for just getting out there, and having a fun time. 🙂

All ready to go!

Listening to the coach before the game…

Watching sister play…

Saying a prayer for the game…I was so glad they did that-very cool, YMCA. 

Getting ready to kick off the ball!

Run, Josie! 

I love the pink cleats…makes it easier to spot her!

Water break….

Taking a break, watching some other teammates play….

Jack, busy boy…

Kicking the ball!

Throwing it in….

Go black team!


**A big thanks to my sweet hubby, who took all of the awesome pics during the game so I could keep Jack from running onto the field (because he TOTALLY would have if we’d let him…..)