Josie had her last day of ballet today. I think she was a little sad to say goodbye to her sweet teacher, but she is VERY excited for soccer to start. I will be interested to see if she decides to go back to dance, or play more soccer, or try something completely new. Only time will tell….

Josie had her last day of ballet today. I think she was a little sad to say goodbye to her sweet teacher, but she is VERY excited for soccer to start. I will be interested to see if she decides to go back to dance, or play more soccer, or try something completely new. Only time will tell….

Crazy Lazy Weekend

We had a MUCH needed, therapeutic, lazy, chore-getting-done weekend around here. It was just what I needed to recover from the crazy week I had had at school.

Friday was a LONG day at work, but it started out in some really cute ways. Josie gets to go to preschool this year on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which means she got to have her first green and white day on Friday (every Friday at our school is green/white day). She was SO excited to wear her Bobcats shirt!

A sweet lady at my mom’s church made this dress (yes, it actually did used to be a dress) for Josie when she was one….and she has been wearing it every since! It has been one of those ones that just keeps going with her….it is reversible, so it is just green/white polka dot on the other side, which is great for Christmas.

When we got to Nana’s on Friday morning, I discovered Jack has a new trick-holding up his finger when you ask him to count to one! 

I didn’t know where he had learned that…Josie said that she taught him, which I would not doubt at all! 

Saturday we had an AWESOME lazy day. Like, all of us in our pjs until late afternoon. Not eating breakfast until 11:00 (for Jake and I, not the kids of course). Just sitting on the couch, just to sit. It was a MUCH needed kind of day. Saturday evening my sweet mother-in-law watched the kids for us so Jake and I could have a long-past-due date night. First we took our bikes to the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail in Ashland City. This trail is part of the Rails-to-Trails system, which is a system turning old railroad tracks into greenways. So that meant it was really flat, so perfect for riding bikes. The trail is half-paved, half-gravel…and really long. We were excited to find a trail that was so long, because we have been wanting to do some distance riding for awhile now. We rode all the way to the end of the trail, which put us at Cheatham Dam-so we ended up riding almost 20 miles all together! That was the farthest either of us had ever ridden, and we had SO much fun. The trail was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and it was so nice to just be the two of us, without having to pull the bike trailer. 

We both thought we would be sore this morning after riding so long, but we weren’t! Unless you count the fact that my backside is a wee bit tender….

After riding we changed clothes and headed to Nashville to eat at the Gerst Haus, a German restaurant. We both got some authentic German food, and it was SO yummy. I got a grilled porkchop with sauerkraut-I love sauerkraut. 

There was also a live polka band playing, just to keep things interesting :). 

After dinner we headed back towards home, but not without stopping at Sweet Ce-Ce’s first, of course. 

When we got home and were putting Josie to bed, this is what we discovered in her playroom:

See all the little picnic blankets set up for all her animals? #heartmelt…. 🙂

Today has been a whirlwind of getting-stuff-done around the house. We went to church, ran by the store, came home, ate lunch, watched part of the Little League World Series championship game (Goodlettsville in the final game-and one of my former students on the team!), LAUNDRY, baths for kiddos, cleaning up/out Josie’s room, picking in the garden, making some tomato sauce, straightening the house, putting sheets back on all the beds, getting things ready for the week, etc. Now it is FINALLY bed time…..time to start another crazy week. 

But first, let me leave you with a sneak peek of some cuteness. I took Jack’s 18 month pictures on Thursday, I just haven’t gotten them edited yet. But here is a quick peek: 

Josie’s first day of school

Yesterday was Josie’s first day of four year old preschool. To say she was excited would be the understatement of the year. And what’s even better, she wasn’t nervous or apprehensive at all, because she already had a whole year under her belt. Same classroom, same teachers, same kids-she felt like a pro going into this year :). 

I, of course, had to get some pictures of my big girl…..

Eating breakfast….

I totally stole this idea from someone else….

This picture is way too dark, but I just loved her expression…

Jack is a total photo-bomber…

“Mom! Get a picture of my backpack!”

She was just a wee bit excited….

By the way, this was MY first day of kindergarten dress that Ta smocked me when I was little. I didn’t save it for Josie’s first day of kindergarten, because I was afraid it might not fit her next year! 

Pretty girl 🙂

She had to get a picture with her teacher, of course! She LOVES Mrs. Christie. 

And, just for memory/comparison’s sake, here are a few pictures of her first day of school LAST year….

I think she looks SO much older this year! 

Beth’s Birthday

On Sunday we went to my cousin Beth’s TWELFTH birthday party-I cannot believe she is that old, since I can totally remember every detail of her birth-MAN, I feel old sometimes! 

She is such a sweet young lady, and I am very proud that she is my cousin, and I am so glad they are close by so I get to see her grow up :). 

She decorated her own cake-isn’t it cute?

Pretty girl! 

Jack TOTALLY approved of the cake….

She got a new bunny for her birthday, and it was the hit of the party (of course!)

Jack really loves his cousin Wyatt….

Happy Birthday Beth! 

New Carseats!

The kiddos new carseats (well, Josie’s new seat/Jack’s new cover) came this week, and they were both so excited! Josie loves sitting in a “big girl” seat, and Jack was SO excited to be getting to sit in “Jo-Jo’s” car seat that he could hardly stand it-he kind of hero-worships his big sister :). 

One last picture in the little seat  ……sniff, sniff ;(….

My pretty girl, watching me change out covers/adjust straps and such….

The car seat BOX was a bigger hit than the new carseat itself, of course…

Trying out Jack’s new cover (BEFORE it was on the seat….)

Jack, looking like a big boy in his new seat….

Josie in her new big girl seat (sorry for the HORRIBLE quality picture…it was 6:30 in the morning….)

Side view….

If you are looking for a car seat and are having a hard time choosing, I would totally recommend a Britax. We have been so happy with our Britax Marathon (the one Jack is now in), and are already loving Josie’s new Britax Frontier. They are a little bit more expensive than some others, but it is one thing I don’t mind spending more on. For one thing, they are in their seats a TON-I want them to be comfortable, durable, and most important-safe. Britax always gets some of the highest safety ratings, and they are very easy to install to “rock solid” status. I have never owned a Britax Round-a-bout, but I have heard awesome reviews about it, also. (Oh, and side note-they are DEFINITELY not paying me to give them props-I just like them that much!)

Family Movie Night: The Muppets

Family movie nights are something we just started recently doing. Both of the kiddos are old enough to enjoy them, and so we have a lot of fun. We don’t do them very often, so they are a special treat-kids get to stay up late, we rent/borrow a new-to-us movie, and all snuggle on the couch after dinner. Tonight we watched “The Muppets.” The highlights? Josie saying, “This is great! I am so excited the muppets are really alive!” AND Jack dancing and singing with the muppet chickens (bac-bac-bac). I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time. 🙂

4 years, 2 months


Well, you are two months in to being four-and you absolutely LOVE it. You feel like such a big girl now, I think. You are still a sweet, compassionate, polite, very responsible little girl. You have SUCH  big heart. You love all things nature, you treat your little brother better than gold, and your sweet personality shines through in everything you do. You make everyone around you smile, always. You are still testing out your new-found sense of independence and attitude, but Mommy and Daddy are winning those battles that are coming few and farther in between. 🙂

This month we had a TON of fun…..

-We got to go to your most favorite place in the entire world-Dale Hollow Lake! You anticipated this trip with SUCH great excitement. Every day you would pray, “Dear God, thank you for letting it be _____ (insert number of days) ___ until camping.” And our trip did not disappoint. You got to fish (and caught a big one with Pappy!), ride your bike, play with Katie Ann, collect rocks and shells, eat ice-cream, and SWIM. You were like a little fish-you never wanted to get out of the water! You mostly kept your life jacket on the whole time, but you swam with your kick board a little, and even tried out a ski belt one day. You got to do one of your favorite things-spend the night with Nana, Grammy and Pappy, and even Katie Ann! Spending the night with Katie Ann was your first time to spend the night with someone other than Nana, Grammy, or Mee-Maw. You did great, and had a blast making sprinkle pancakes with the girls and Aunt Christie. You were sad when our trip ended, but you were also really glad to play with all your toys when we got home. 

-We had a special girls (plus Jack) day with Ta, Shshr, Nana, and Grammy. We went to a tea room called the Chocolate Covered Strawberry to eat lunch, and then went and got pedicures! You weren’t sure about getting your toes painted at first, but then decided to get some sparkly purple polish that you were SO proud of! You love days like that-you are such a girly-girl. 

-You have learned to say our entire address, number and everything. You also LOVE to do math with your Daddy. You are getting really good at simple addition and subtraction. You are also working on learning to count to 100. 

-You are an art fanatic. If it is a craft, paint, or art in any way, you are ALL over it. 

-You LOVE giving people presents. You love wrapping and decorating the presents, and you would drop anything you are doing to make a card for someone. You also love getting to send them in the mail. 

-You love your brother so very much, and are so very good to him. And he hero-worships you-seriously. 

  • You love helping-with ANYTHING. And you are a great helper! You do a really good job. You love helping me pick veggies in the garden. You helped our neighbor Mrs. Debbie pick a ton of apples from our tree, and you have been picking (and eating) them yourself, too! 

-I decided to let you tell me your “favorites” this month, so here they are: favorite food-“pasghetti”; favorite color-“purple and pink and all the colors of the rainbow”; favorite toy- “Peepers and my little doggie”; favorite thing to do-“play outside”; favorite place to go- “the park”; favorite restaurant- “Aquarium Restaurant”; favorite book-“I like lots of books”; favorite kind of book- “chapter”; favorite thing to wear- “my Dale Hollow shirts”

-You are VERY excited to start preschool this year. You are the most excited that you are going to get to go THREE days a week this year instead of two. 

-We signed you up for soccer! It starts in September. You have now been taking ballet for a whole year, so you will take a ballet break while you are playing soccer. 

-Since Jack finally grew out of his carseat, you got to get a new big-girl booster seat! It still has a five point harness, but you are excited because it is pink, it has TWO cup holders, and you can cross your legs when you sit in it. 

It is so much fun to watch you grow, learn, and change….I can’t believe that this time next year you will be starting kindergarten! My baby girl is not so much “baby” anymore….but you will ALWAYS be my baby girl. 

I love you,