This is probably, hands down, my most favorite series of pictures EVER. Today I was taking pictures of Josie before swim lessons, and Jack all of sudden walked over, right beside Josie, and said “Chee!” and smiled real big :). It was the first time he has ever said cheese for the camera, and it was SO stink in’ cute! 

Josie, posing for me

Side note: She has worn this bathing suit for three years now! 

Being prissy as always…..

Showing off her nails…

Jack walked in front of me while I was taking this picture….

Chee!! I LOVE this picture! 

This one cracks me up….totally shows off their personalities.

Yes, he does play with his belly button all the time. 

And then Josie suddenly realized she wasn’t the center of attention anymore….

My two total hams.

Doesn’t Jack look so OLD in these pictures??

And this, my friends, is probably my favorite picture I have of my kiddos together. I think it’s a framer. 🙂

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