Summer goals-an update

Summer goals

-Weed/clean out flower beds

Mulch flower beds- got them done before Josies’ birthday party, with a lot of help from Jake! 

-Clean out my closet

-Paint closet and bathroom doors-doing good; did foyer closet and bathroom door, now just have to do Jack’s closet doors

-Organize all the pictures underneath cabinet in living room

Get scrapbooks and organize Josie and Jack’s artwork-got the scrapbooks, just need to organize the art.    Done! And it worked perfectly. 🙂

-Get memory boxes for both kids

-Catch up on both of the kiddos’ “year books” 

-Read, read, read-already read 5 books-Prince Caspian, and the Hunger Games trilogy (for the second time), and Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal; now I am working on “City of Ember" 

-Take kids to the Nashville Library story time a few times- went today! Plan on going next week, too. 

Deep clean my whole house at least once Did this before Josie’s birthday party! I even scrubbed every window in my house, inside and out. 

-Take a weekend trip with just Jake, Josie, and Jack

-Sew Josie a dress

-Paint patio furniture

-Take Josie’s four year old pictures

Other things I have accomplished I didn’t list before: 

-Made 14 quarts of pickles with cucumbers from my garden

  • Kept up with my workout goals

-LOVED having a garden

-Cleaned out Jack’s clothes

-Cleaned out my clothes (again)

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