Yesterday I let the kiddos do some painting. Josie has had a wind chime paint kit that she has been dying to use FOREVER, and yesterday was a good day for it. I think, also, that this was Jack’s first official time to paint! He has had his hands dipped in paint to make handprints, but I don’t think he has ever painted, with a brush, all by himself. He had fun! And of course Josie did, too-she LOVES to paint, always. 

Of COURSE he had to get some on his face-what fun would it be if he stayed clean? 🙂

The finished product 🙂

Look at that super-concentrated look. She did really good with hers-she painted all the different parts a different color-kind of like a rainbow. 🙂 

Now I have two beautiful new wind chimes hanging on my porch. Josie is SO proud of hers, too! I love her. 

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