This is probably, hands down, my most favorite series of pictures EVER. Today I was taking pictures of Josie before swim lessons, and Jack all of sudden walked over, right beside Josie, and said “Chee!” and smiled real big :). It was the first time he has ever said cheese for the camera, and it was SO stink in’ cute! 

Josie, posing for me

Side note: She has worn this bathing suit for three years now! 

Being prissy as always…..

Showing off her nails…

Jack walked in front of me while I was taking this picture….

Chee!! I LOVE this picture! 

This one cracks me up….totally shows off their personalities.

Yes, he does play with his belly button all the time. 

And then Josie suddenly realized she wasn’t the center of attention anymore….

My two total hams.

Doesn’t Jack look so OLD in these pictures??

And this, my friends, is probably my favorite picture I have of my kiddos together. I think it’s a framer. 🙂

Puppets and pickles

Yesterday was one of those summer days I love. It was a busy day, but only because I made it that way. 🙂 

In the morning, I took Jack and Josie to the Nashville Public Library for their story time. That was one of my summer goals, plus, if you have never been to story time there, you TOTALLY should-it is awesome! It is seriously like a show you would pay for. There are puppets, juggling, songs, many books read, art, etc. It is just really neat, and always a TON of kids (and they have 6 different times you can go!). Anyways, Josie really loves going, and Jack hadn’t been since last summer, so he definitely didn’t remember it. 

I have been SO bad at remembering to take my big camera places here lately-luckily I have my cell phone with me all the time…..

Doesn’t Jack just look THRILLED to be getting his picture taken? 

This picture is kind of blurry, but I kind of love it 🙂

This one, too :).

This is “Library Pete” and one of the puppets-Cedric the Dragon. 

Josie looking at one of the other puppets…

After story time we headed to Josie’s swim lessons. I am still proud of how good she is doing this year-she has made a TON of progress since last year. She did cry today, though, because she had to jump off the diving board-she is always scared of the diving board. (Mind you, she was holding Mrs. Pam’s hand AND she had a float ring on!) She jumped, though, and realized it wasn’t so bad.

After swimming lessons we headed to  Mom and Dad’s because Mom was going to help me make pickles! I was really excited, because I have never canned anything before. Plus, I have cucumbers coming out my ears, so I had to do something with them! 

It was really an easy process, just time consuming. 

First we cut up all the cucumbers, and put them in jars. Josie claimed the job of putting the cucumbers in the jars. 🙂 She loves to help cook. 

Next, I had to boil the mixture of vinegar/pickle mix/water (for the dills) or vinegar/pickle mix/sugar (for the bread and butter). It took FOREVER to boil, because you had to do it over medium heat. But after it boiled, I poured it in the jars over the cucumbers. 


Pickles all ready to go in the canner. 

After I filled the jars, got the air bubbles out, and put the lids/bands on, then they were ready for a water bath in the canner. Which basically just means they boil for 10 minutes to seal the lids. Currently, they are sitting on the counter at Mom’s, because they have to cool/set overnight before you do anything with them. Mom did call me last night to let me know that all the jars sealed properly-yay! I can’t wait to taste them to see if they turned out okay-hopefully they did! We made 14 quarts in all-7 dill, 7 bread/butter. 

While we were waiting on the last batch to cool, we went over to Mom and Dad’s garden and Josie helped Grammy pick some tomatoes-I LOVE summer gardens-yum! I can’t wait until my tomatoes are ready-I have a ton, but they are still green. 

When we got home, Jake was already here, so I cooked and then Mee-Maw came over for a visit. 

Jack was in a silly mood 🙂

Nothing like playing Fruit Ninja with Mee-Maw-they have a high tech grandma! 🙂

All in all, just a wonderful summer day with my kiddos and family. 

Summer goals-an update

Summer goals

-Weed/clean out flower beds

Mulch flower beds- got them done before Josies’ birthday party, with a lot of help from Jake! 

-Clean out my closet

-Paint closet and bathroom doors-doing good; did foyer closet and bathroom door, now just have to do Jack’s closet doors

-Organize all the pictures underneath cabinet in living room

Get scrapbooks and organize Josie and Jack’s artwork-got the scrapbooks, just need to organize the art.    Done! And it worked perfectly. 🙂

-Get memory boxes for both kids

-Catch up on both of the kiddos’ “year books” 

-Read, read, read-already read 5 books-Prince Caspian, and the Hunger Games trilogy (for the second time), and Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal; now I am working on “City of Ember" 

-Take kids to the Nashville Library story time a few times- went today! Plan on going next week, too. 

Deep clean my whole house at least once Did this before Josie’s birthday party! I even scrubbed every window in my house, inside and out. 

-Take a weekend trip with just Jake, Josie, and Jack

-Sew Josie a dress

-Paint patio furniture

-Take Josie’s four year old pictures

Other things I have accomplished I didn’t list before: 

-Made 14 quarts of pickles with cucumbers from my garden

  • Kept up with my workout goals

-LOVED having a garden

-Cleaned out Jack’s clothes

-Cleaned out my clothes (again)


Yesterday I let the kiddos do some painting. Josie has had a wind chime paint kit that she has been dying to use FOREVER, and yesterday was a good day for it. I think, also, that this was Jack’s first official time to paint! He has had his hands dipped in paint to make handprints, but I don’t think he has ever painted, with a brush, all by himself. He had fun! And of course Josie did, too-she LOVES to paint, always. 

Of COURSE he had to get some on his face-what fun would it be if he stayed clean? 🙂

The finished product 🙂

Look at that super-concentrated look. She did really good with hers-she painted all the different parts a different color-kind of like a rainbow. 🙂 

Now I have two beautiful new wind chimes hanging on my porch. Josie is SO proud of hers, too! I love her. 

Singing with Josie

This morning on the way to church, Josie wanted me to sing “Singin’ in the Rain” with her. So I did. In case you don’t know it, the lyrics go-
“I’m singing in the rain, just singin in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again….”
Well, after we sang, I heard Josie singing to herself….
“I’m singin in the rain, just singin in the rain! What a glorious female, I’m happy again ……”

🙂 I love her.

This (crazy!) week…

Yes, this week was just one of those  weeks; not BAD-just crazy. And so I didn’t really post much. So I am going to recap now. This is where a lot of you might just want to stop reading, or just browse the (bad cell phone) pics-because this is basically just a memory log for me :). 

Monday- This was honestly one of the craziest days I have had in a long time! It was one of those stay-at-home mom days that made teaching seem WAY easier. 🙂 Again, it was not BAD, just crazy! First off, I was watching my best friend’s girlies for the day. And Josie had her first day of swimming lessons. That meant we started off the day going to grab Nana’s van (so I could fit all the kids in one vehicle), and then grabbed the girls. I brought them back to the house, and they all played, snacked, and I got everyone dressed and ready with plenty of time to spare-we were going to get to swimming lessons EARLY. And THEN, yes then, there was a semi wrecked on the way there, and the road was blocked….so I had to detour. Our 20 minute drive turned into about a 40 minute drive. With 4 kids in the van. Bleh. Still, we got to swimming lessons right on time, and everything went smoothly. 

I am so proud of how well Josie is doing in swimming lessons this year! Mrs. Pam is, too-she said Josie didn’t forget a thing from last year. Plus, she is getting SO brave here lately. She is just all of a sudden willing to try and do all kinds of things that a month ago she wouldn’t have tried AT ALL. Anyways, in swimming lessons this week she has done GREAT. She is even getting her ears wet and putting her face (briefly) under the water. She has not cried/whined even once, and she has been all smiles, the entire time. 🙂 

Anyways, after the lessons we headed back home (and got detoured AGAIN). I fed the kiddos lunch, and let them play in the kiddie pool.

The rest of the day was just as crazy as the beginning-after Robin picked up the girls, I had to jet with the kiddos to take them to Casey’s work, so Casey could watch them/take Josie to ballet while I went to Nashville for a doctor’s appointment. I seriously think I drove about a million miles on Monday! Luckily, doctor’s appointment was quick, so I was able to meet Casey back at Josie’s ballet class and take the kiddos home from there. Whew! What a day! 

Tuesday-Luckily, not quite as crazy. Started off by taking Mama Judy to the airport, then got to swimming lessons early, so I jogged around the neighborhood with the kiddos in the stroller. After swimming lessons, we all came home and napped-everyone was worn out from our crazy weekend! Shshr came by in the afternoon, and the kiddos played in the pool some more-Grammy and Pappy gave the kiddie pool to Josie for her birthday, and we are LOVING it :). I put the slide in the pool, and I think the kids would have slid down all night long if I wouldn’t have stopped them! They were in heaven. 

I love this picture of Josie! 

Wednesday- Took Josie to swimming lessons, and Chad met me there so I could go to inservice. (Bleh!) The kids loved hanging out with Uncle Chad, though-he stayed at Mrs. Pam’s for awhile to let them swim after lessons, fed them lunch, took them back to his house to play, and then dropped them off at Mom’s for me. Such an awesome uncle! 

Thursday- Swimming lessons, then Chick-Fil-A for some lunch and play time for the kiddos, then went to get tires put on my car-they were WAY overdue. While they were putting the tires on, the kiddos and I walked to Academy Sports and looked around (and bought a few things, of course). When we left there, both kids promptly fell asleep in the car, so I took advantage and went to get my oil changed (also WAY overdue). Then we headed home for the day and had a pizza night. 🙂

Josie is still afraid to go up into the play place at Chick-Fil-A. Jack? Not so much. 

Friday- I had an all-day inservice, so I took the kids to Mom and Dad’s and they took Josie to swim lesson for me. After I got done with inservice, we took the kids to Moss Wright Park, put them in the stroller so Mom, Dad, and I could jog together. Then we let the kiddos play, and headed back to Mom and Dad’s. Jake met us there and we all ate dinner. Lasagna-yum! 

Today-Checked some things off of my “Summer To Do List” today-yay! While the kiddos were napping, I got the foyer closet door, a little end table, and the bathroom door painted-they were all long overdue. Now all I have left to paint this summer is Jack’s closet doors and my patio furniture. Hopefully that will get done this week.

My two favorite boys

This afternoon we ran some errands-Lowe’s and Kroger, and then came home and fixed a big supper. 

Homemade goulash, boiled potatoes, hot water cornbread, corn on the cob, and cucumbers fresh from the garden-yum! 

Josie’s favorite phrase: “Did I eat good? Can I have some zert?” (dessert)

This is what happens when you let Jack have a cupcake. 

And this is where you might discover Jack if you realize he’s been quiet far too long and go to look for him. 

2 silly monkeys

Saturday family movie night…. 🙂 I love nights like these! 

Side note: SOO PROUD of Josie tonight-in the bath, she completely washed and rinsed her hair ALL BY HERSELF. This is a big deal, because ever since her tubes were removed she has been really afraid to get her ears wet. However, apparently Mrs. Pam is a miracle worker, because she has been getting her ears wet during swim lessons this week, and finally decided she could do it in the bath, too. She did SO good, and then completely washed herself, dried herself, put her lotion and pjs on, and brushed her hair. I am so proud of the independent little girl she is becoming! She keeps saying “I LOVE being four!” I think she thinks turning four made her automatically braver and more independent. I don’t know, but whatever it is-I’ll take it! 🙂