So yes, I know…

I have been a pitiful blogger here lately when it comes to pictures!! But of course, even if I am not blogging them, I never stop taking pictures. So here you go, photo barrage post….

Josie has been begging us to take her training wheels off of her bike so that she could ride like a big girl. Jake is finally feeling a (bit) better, so Sunday he decided to let her try. She was not quite ready for him to let go, but we were really proud of her for being brave enough to try! Training wheels are back on….for a little while at least :). 

Josie LOVES to take pictures with my phone…..I think she was trying to take a picture of herself in the mirror…I thought this picture was too cute not to share, though. 

Kiddos in the yard….

Jack learned to climb the slide, and slide down the slide, all on his own, all by himself! Eeek! He is SO different from Josie, it is almost impossible to describe…she still won’t go down a slide at the play ground! 

He LOVED it, and did it over, and over, and over, and over again. And now he makes a beeline for it anytime you put him down outside. 

Jack found Pappy’s safety goggles, and left them on…the entire day.

Ready for ballet!

She is SUCH.A.POSER. She never stands still/normal for a picture anymore!

Being sweet….at least for a second or two…

As you can tell from the pictures, we have been outside  A LOT lately….such warm weather for March-but I for one am NOT complaining-I wish every spring were like this! 

Massive head smack!

I realized something last night that made me want to smack myself in the head-our spring camping trip and the half marathon are the SAME WEEKEND! Bleh! This whole time I had it in my head that the camping trip was the weekend before the marathon. I have no clue how I made a mistake like that. We will still definitely go camping, though. And I will still definitely run the race. I will just have to leave from the campground instead of my house Saturday morning. It will all work out, just like it always does. But sometimes I feel like one big, walking, mistake. All.the.time. However, I keep telling myself-if this is my biggest problem? I am a very, very, blessed person. 


“You have the perfect amount of time each day for the things that matter most. The key is spending time on these things.”

Time is such a funny thing…when you want it to go slow, it always seems to go fast, and when you want it to speed up, it always moves at snail speed. And there never seems to be enough of it! Here lately, I have really been trying to focus my time on the important things…hence the quote up top. I have not been on Facebook or my Reeder app (where I go to read all my blogs) in a week and half, not even once. And you know what? I haven’t missed it. At all. I’ve realized how much time I was using up with those two things, time I was taking away from other important things, like being in the moment with my kiddos. Like reading my BIBLE. Like praying more constantly. Like spending time with my husband actually talking to him without something in front of both of us. Like reading actual BOOKS. I had missed that, and didn’t even realize it. 

I’m not sure if I actually had a point this whole post….I guess just that this is something I am working on right now, being a good steward of my time, and my energy. Using as much of my time as possible for HIS glory. I am not saying that Facebook or blogs, or anything else is a bad thing……in moderation. They are only bad when I use them to replace other things that I need to be doing, or as a way to procrastinate not doing what I need to be doing. 

Half Marathon Training:Week 9

Monday-45 min “Pioneer” workout on the Nike Training App-this was one of the advanced workouts, but I didn’t realize it until I was done!

Tuesday-4.81 miles in 50 minutes

Wednesday-rest day

Thursday-I was supposed to run another 50 minutes, but got rained out

Friday-30 minute “Flex Machine” workout on the Nike Training app

Today-Ran EIGHT miles in 1 hr, 30 min with Jessi and Stacy on the White House greenway-I felt SO good after our run today!!

Carseat stressing

Okay, so sometimes, I am not very intelligent. At all. Carseat/booster shopping COMPLETELY stresses me out. I don’t know why, I just want my babies to be as safe as possible, and I do a LOT of research before making a decision…sometimes too much research, because then I start getting it confused, apparently. Josie has DEFINITELY outgrown Grammy and Nana’s carseats. I knew that, so that is why I went to get her boosters today. But somehow in all my research, I got it in my head that her carseat was a 40 lb weight limit….failing to forget that, one of the main reasons I picked her Britax Marathon seat was because the forward facing weight limit is 70 pounds- DUH, Brandy! Bleh! So now I have bought one booster seat too many….because I would rather her stay in her carseat for as long as possible, where she is safer. So of course, once I realized that, I was stressing even more, because I just spent a LOT more money than I had to. Bleh. 

But then, as always, I talked it out (I have to “talk things out” a lot around here….), and realized that all is well. I will keep her in her carseat in our car until Jack reaches the 30 lb weight limit in his bucket seat, and needs to go rear facing in her Marathon. In the meantime, the Graco Nautilus I bought today will go in Nana’s car (where she rides pretty often), and that will actually make me feel better anyways, because I wanted a 5 point harness for there. 🙂 One of the Turbo boosters will go in Grammy’s car, and I will just put the other away until I need to move the Nautilus to my car. Whew. Lots of gobbledy gook I know, but it all actually worked out better in the end….and my babies will be safe, which is all I ever want anyways.

Just some stuff

-Last night during dinner, Josie said a prayer (all on her own, without any prompting) to ask God to make the rain stop so she could go outside and play. And, of course, the rain DID stop, so I definitely had to let them go outside and play :). What’s better than playing outside in the puddles after a warm rain?

This picture is fuzzy, but I thought it was too cute 🙂

-Today Josie wore a  dress to church that Ta made for me when I was little. I think it is the coolest thing that she can wear MY dresses! So I of course made her model it for a picture, and she OF COURSE was more than happy to oblige. 🙂 She is SO prissy!

-Today we finally went and bought Josie booster seats for the cars. She is pushing the height/weight limit on ours, and I realized today that she is OVER the weight limit for her ones in Mom’s and Nana’s cars-oops!! I can’t believe I did that! Once I realized that, I didn’t want to wait, so we went on to Target. After researching, I decided to get the very highly rated Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 for our car (it still has the 5 point harness, which was really important to me), and the Graco Turboseat for Mom/Nana’s cars. It is not a 5 point harness booster, which I don’t love, but there is not a booster with a 5 point harness under $120, which stinks. However, the Turboseat also got very high safety ratings, so I feel comfortable with her riding in those since she is only in their cars a little bit. She is spending the night with Nana tonight, so tomorrow I will have to get pictures of her in her new big-girl seats-she is so excited! 🙂

Half Marathon training: Week 8

So, I thought this might be an easier week to keep up with my training, since I was on Spring Break and all…..HA! When will I ever learn?

Monday-Cross Training-Nike Training app-45 minutes, but I do not remember which one

Tuesday- Ran outside for 50 minutes-4.63 miles-conquered Albert Fentress hill!

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- I was supposed to run, Mom was going to watch the kids. While I was stretching to run, a great big electrical storm started, complete with hail (again!), 2 hours before it was supposed to get to us. Rain, I will run in. A storm? NO WAY. So, instead, I did a 30 minute boxing/kick boxing exercise video Mom had at her house. 

Friday- Cross Training- 30 minutes “Body Flexor” workout on Nike Training app

Saturday- I was supposed to run 4 miles, but Jake was in NO shape to watch the kids (shingles is nothing to joke about, my friends!), and in the afternoon (when someone could have possibly watched the kiddos) it stormed. So this ended up being a rest day instead.

Sunday- Josie was at a ball game with Nana, Justin and Shshr, and Ta watched Jack so I could run- 4.09 miles in 43.18 min (not a great time….it involved a small, yapping dog, who tried to bite me every.time.I.moved.a.muscle…..)

Whew! What a week….but only 6 more weeks until the race!