Silly kids!

My kiddos are silly. They both love to be tickled, they love to laugh, and they love to make others smile and laugh around them. I love it when I can “catch” them being silly-reminds me how to be a little kids again πŸ™‚

Jack REALLY loved leftover crockpot nachos we had for our dinner last night….He was licking his plate clean!

Tonight Josie had to put all the clippies she could find in her hair-didn’t she do a good job? πŸ™‚

Girl’s night

So, I just wanted to post a few cute pictures from Friday’s girls night. We had a great night-Jessi, Megan, Maureen and Stacy all came to the house for crockpot nachos (yum!). Megan brought two of her boys, and Maureen brought her little boy-Josie was in heaven with so many kids to play with! Megan and Jessi brought me a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s to try since I never had had one….and it was amazing! Yum!

Jack and Jacob

Sweet Caleb πŸ™‚

Caleb and (the other) Jacob building Angry Birds-I think this game was the hit of the night!Β 

Playing some games on some borrowed phones πŸ™‚


Thanks, girls, for a great night!Β 

Half Marathon training, Week 5

Monday-cross training-Nike Training app-45 minute “Hurricane” workout with Jake.
Tuesday-ran 40 minutes outside on Tinnin Rd.-3.88 miles
Wednesday-rest day
Thursday-was supposed to run 40 minutes, but the kiddos gave me their funk, and I decided rest was more important
Friday-ditto Thursday
Today-ran the ERMS Diamond Dash 5K with Stacy and Jessi…it was so cold and windy, but it was a beautiful day, and the course was great-lots of hills, which I like because hills can only make you stronger!

Sick kiddos….again

Night before last, I put the kiddos to bed, and then sat down in the living room to blog…and then I heard it-you know, that deep, hacky cough coming from one of the kid’s bedrooms. I didn’t think too much of it, UNTIL, yep you guessed, the same cough coming from the OTHER kid’s bedroom. Well, that simple cough turned into two feverish kids last night, feverish kids today, so this afternoon I took both kids to the doctor. Of course, it ended up being a vital infection, so the doctor couldn’t actually do anything. That is always frustrating, but at least I know neither kid has ear infections/strep/flu. Here’s to hoping and praying that they both recover quickly, and spring comes QUICKLY-this winter has not been good for my little ones!