Half Marathon training: Week 2

Sunday- rest day! 🙂

Today- 30 minutes cross training; I used my new (free!) Nike Training Club app for the first time-I love this app! It has videos to show you what to do, and then times you while you are doing it, so you know how long to do each work out. I did 2 15-minute workouts tonight-and I am TIRED. I hardly ever sweat during workout-but I sure did tonight! I did the “leg sculptor” and the “ab burner.” They were really hard, but I sure did feel good when I got done :). 

Another sickie

This morning Jack woke up with a fever and a croupe sounding cough. I was able to leave work a little early to take him to the doctor. I wanted to go ahead and take him, just in case he had gotten Josie’s ear infection. I got to thinking, and I believe this is Jack’s FIRST sick visit to the doctor his whole life! Such a difference from Josie’s first year-we practically LIVED in Dr. E’s office! Anyways, Jack got a good report-only thing that was wrong was his throat was a little red, which Dr. E said was probably causing his fever. Also, after the dr visit, I realized his seventh tooth popped through today-so maybe they could be causing a little fever, too…….two doctor visits in one week=never a dull moment around here!