9 Months!

Dear Jack,

You are 9 months old! You have officially been in this world as long as you were in my belly. You are growing, changing, and learning new things so FAST. You have changed so much in the past month……

-You went on a cabin trip to Davy Crockett State Park with Mee-Maw, Mommy, Daddy, Josie, Aunt Liz, Carley, Abby, and Matthew. You loved going hiking in the Moby, and you ate a TON of food. 

-Speaking of food, you have tried a LOT of new foods this month, especially table food. You have eaten: chicken, blueberries; table food green beans, carrots, broccoli, creamed spinach, regular oatmeal, plain macaroni noodles, a french fry, blueberry muffins, and an O’Charley’s roll. You loved it ALL. 

-You are getting more and more mobile. You roll pretty much anywhere you want to go, and you have started pulling up on everything. You love it when we hold your hands and let you “walk.” You are trying to crawl, but no success yet. 

-You are FINALLY occasionally sleeping through the night (from about 8:00-5:00). Usually you only wake up once (around 2 or 3). You almost always go back to sleep after 5:00. 

-You got your 3rd and 4th teeth-top middle. 

-You “ran” your first 5k (with Mommy pushing)-Sherry’s Flamingo Run.

-You had your first Halloween-you were a very cute hoot owl. 

-At your 9 month well check you were 27 in (12 %tile) and 17 lbs, 1 oz (5 %tile). You are finally in 6  month clothes, and still in a size 3 diaper, and size 3 shoe. 

-You are talking SO much this month- no words, but tons of babbling and yelling and squealing. 

-This month, you especially like…..any Eric Carle book, balls, anything that is NOT  a toy (shoes, remote, phones, dust pans, etc.), people making surprised faces, peek a boo, being tickled, table food, Josie, Pappy, ball caps, mirrors, and you are fascinated with all dogs.

-This month, you DO NOT like…. car seats, zucchini, when someone walks by you and doesn’t pick you up, not being able to crawl.

Little boy, this year is flying by! I can’t believe I am about to start planning your first birthday! But we are soaking up every minute of precious time we have with you-don’t grow so fast!

Love you baby boy, 


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