Halloween around these parts was a simple, festive, fun little affair. Josie requested to be a purple butterfly this year (after saying for almost a whole year that she was going to be a cat….) so I made her a costume, and Jack had an owl costume to wear that Casey got him last year (before he was born-for fifty cents!) We dressed the kiddos up, I did a quick photo shoot, and then we hit the road before it got dark. We just went to Mee-maw’s, Aunt Becca’s, Ta’s, and couple of friends- the Johnson’s and Mrs. Betty Reasoners, and ended up at Mom’s to see the rest of the family and eat dinner 🙂 (Thanks, mom!). Short, sweet, and simple, and just long enough that Josie was done, and Jack had not had any major meltdowns-score! So, I know you are just reading this for the pictures….so here you go! 

All of Josie’s pumpkins for the year…this makes me happy in a way I can’t explain 🙂

My sweet little hoot owl….

Look! I have leaves! 

Jack loves his sister in a way I cannot explain…it is too sweet for words 🙂

My sweet little butterfly

Caught dancing…

True Josie form…

Ringing the bell at Mee-Maw’s 

Josie INSISTED that I had to be a tree, because Jack needed a tree to sit in….so I wore a camp shirt 🙂

All tuckered out in his pumpkin pjs

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