Thanksgiving 2011

We always celebrate our Thanksgiving in two days, Thursday at Nana’s with my family, Friday at Mama Judy’s with Jake’s family. I am so thankful we don’t have to celebrate twice in the same day- we can fully enjoy stuffing ourselves twice, 2 days in a row, and we don’t have to have the stress of rushing through one gathering to get to the next. And both days are so much fun! 

On Thursday, like I said, we wen to Nana’s. We weren’t going to eat dinner until 4:00 so that everyone could get there, but Nana decided to cook a big brunch for everyone who could come at 11:00. Before brunch, Mom, Dad, and I started the day off with a run-I was SO glad, because it had been DAY since I had gotten to run, and running really does make me feel so much better….plus, we were able to stuff ourselves guilt-free after that! 🙂

After brunch, we spent the rest of the day just hanging out-taking Jack’s 9 month pictures, just being outside, putting Nana’s cover on her camper, looking at ads, playing games, etc. It was a great relaxing, family day. Nana fixed an AWESOME spread of food for dinner, and Jack ate his very first Thanksgiving dinner-turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, pinch rolls, and pineapple cheese casserole for dessert! He loved EVERY bit of it :). After dinner we commenced looking at ads again-from the paper and online….and everyone made Christmas lists and we drew names for our family Secret Santa. 🙂

Here are some pictures from the day-I never take enough at Nana’s, especially after everyone starts getting there…but everyone was there, even though I don’t have picture proof! This was Kyle’s first holiday as an official family member :). 

Josie, watching the Macy’s parade on TV-she loved the Mickey Mouse balloon and the Clifford balloon the best :). 

Kyle and Jack

Josie helped Shshr peel the boiled eggs.

It was SUCH a beautiful day outside!

Grammy and Jack

Jack LOVES to walk…

Official Thanksgiving kiddo picture-have to have at least one!

Josie eating dinner in her turkey hat! 

Jack’s first Thanksgiving dinner

On Friday we went to Mama Judy’s for lunch (but stayed the whole day) :). It was a great day full of eating, getting some family pics, eating, playing football, eating, playing hide and go seek, eating, playing board games, eating, and I even got our Christmas card ordered. Oh, did I mention eating? 🙂 Seriously, another day of awesome food and great family time. 

(I always do a better job taking pictures at Mama Judy’s-I have no clue what the difference is!)

Cutting the turkey (in Mama Judy’s brand new kitchen!). We got the turkey from Jack’s BBQ this year-it was SO good!

Josie with her “tids.”


Their new lab puppy, Sadie.

Thankgiving spread, out on Mama Judy’s new buffet-isn’t it pretty!?

Time to eat!

Liz’s family

Becca’s family

Andrew and Katie

Pretty Katie!

She’s so grown up now!

Liz and Scott

Jake and his mom

I promise, this bunch is harder to get a good (non-goofy) picture of than a bunch of kids! 🙂


I tried to get a good picture of all the grandkids, but with the two little ones right now, it is nearly impossible! These are the best I came up with:

Josie with her football

Football time!

The Game of Life 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! 

3 years, 5 months

So….bad mommy award goes to…ME!! I just realized that I had not posted this…had it all written down, just not posted. So this post is 11 days late-oops!

Dear Josie, 

You are 3 years, 5 months old-just one month shy of being 3 ½ years old! You are SO big-acting more and more like a little girl every single day. You never cease to amaze us, and we love to see your personality blossom more and more every single moment. 

This month:

-You picked out pumpkins at Smiley’s and painted one. 

-Rode in the stroller while Mommy, Pappy, and Grammy ran in the Freeland 5K.

-Were a purple butterfly for Halloween-we went trick or treating at Mee-Maw’s, Aunt Becca’s, Ta’s, Mrs. Laurie’s, Mrs. Betty’s, and Grammy’s (where Nana, Shshr, and Lesa were, too). 

-Was SO excited about Casey’s wedding-you asked about it almost every day. 

-Some funny things you said: “I am obsessed OF baby raccoons!”; “What do I smell?”; “I’m just inhaling these grapes!”; “afore”=before; “ahind”=behind; you say dreams are “movies in my head”; and if people are the same height, you say they are the same “hipe.”

-You are really interested in twins-but your definition of twins is people having the same hair and are the same “hipe.” You frequently refer to Katie Ann as your twin.

-You love preschool, rain boots, stickers, “Lion and the King,” VeggieTales, anything pink/purple, your dollhouse, Ella your baby doll, being outside, riding your bike, dressing up, ballet, paper dolls, markers, ANYthing sweet (you still call anything sweet “snacks”), spaghetti, tacos, meatballs, cereal, chicken, broccoli with parmesan cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and muffins.

-You do NOT like anything wearing a mask, Katie Ann’s vampire teeth, anything scary at all, real bugs, your hands being sticky, water in your face, or waking up early.

Baby girl, we love you so much, and no matter how much you grow and change, you will ALWAYS be our baby.


Jack’s 9 months pics…finally :)

So I finally finished taking Jack’s 9 months pictures yesterday…..Just for the record, the bathtub pictures I actually took a couple of weeks BEFORE he turned 9 months (so it was still warm enough!), and the others were taken a couple of weeks AFTER he turned 9 months. Here are some my faves….

I heart this vest and hat….thanks Shshr and Casey!

Just 2 weeks ago he wasn’t even standing up….now he is bending over and picking up leaves! Time FLIES when they are this age!

I realized I caught this moment after I uploaded pictures-he let go, and was about to fall on his bottom :).

Blue eyes…

I love this picture, because you can see all FOUR of his teeth!