Last night Mom and I took dinner to my cousin, Amanda, who just had her second precious little boy-Meet Noah! He is absolutely adorable :).

After we got done visiting, mom and I (with Jack and Josie, of course!) had time to just hang out, something that hasn’t happened in a LONG time. We went to O’Charley’s to eat and then to Target, of course :). I had to get Jack some new jeans- I have sorely underestimated the amount of pants a little boy needs….Josie could survive for weeks with just one pair of pants-she had tights, dresses, leggings, skirts, etc. Jack? Not so much! Boys have like 3 options-jeans, sweatpants, and overalls.
Anyways, it was a fun night, and I’m so glad I had time to hang out with my mom for a little while :).

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