The weekend….

We had a crazy (but good!) weekend around here! 

First we started off bright and early on Saturday morning with a 5K and helping friends move. Jake went to help some of our friends move stuff into their new house, and me and the kiddos headed off to a 5K in Greenbrier. It was Sherry’s Flamingo Run, a 5k that I try to run every year. The proceeds go to fund a math scholarship that is in memory of Sherry Freeland, my high school math teacher, fellow church/choir member, and dear friend of mine that passed away from breast cancer several years ago. So, needless to say, this race is always special to me-always brings back a flood of memories! 

Mom and Dad met me at the race. This was Mom’s first 5k to run, and she did great! I borrowed another jogging stroller from Liz, so Daddy pushed Josie, and I pushed Jack. 

It was SO cold Saturday morning, so I really had to bundle the kiddos up tight! 

Josie before the race-she was so excited!

Jack before the race…

Lining up to start the race!


After the race, I went to help finish up with the moving at our friends’ house. (Well, what little help I could offer with two kiddos in tow, lol!) Then we headed back to our house to do some stuff around the house…I even squeezed in a nap with Jack on the couch-I ALWAYS consider that successful Saturday!

After nap time, I let Josie paint a pumpkin. We picked out pumpkins at Smiley’s on Friday, so she was itching to get to paint one (well, she actually wanted to paint them ALL). 

On Sunday after church we had Casey’s wedding tea at Nana’s. We had a great turnout, the weather was beautiful, and it was great to see some people I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I took about a million pics before church and this was the best I got :/.

Sweet Sircy (aka, Jack’s girlfriend) came to visit, too!

She and Jack had a puffs picnic…

Casey and Joanna…

Tea party with the cousins…

Sweet cousins and flower girls!

Jack is absolutely FASCINATED by Daddy’s hats….

After the shower, we all headed to Kyle’s (and technically Casey’s, she just doesn’t live there yet!) to see it, eat some BBQ, and help get all the presents moved in. I was so excited to see her new house, but I can’ t believe she is old enough to be married!!

Whew! This made me tired just typing it….Hopefully next weekend will a bit calmer! 🙂

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