Fall Break, Part 2

This post has been a long time coming….so sorry to keep you waiting!!

The second part of Fall Break was just as fun as the first. For the second part we went on our annual cabin trip with Jake’s family. This year we went to Davy Crockett State Park  with Jake’s sister Liz (and her family) and Mama Judy. The cabin was AMAZING. It was the nicest cabin, hands down, that we have ever stayed in at a state park. The park was pretty cool, too. It had some good hiking and biking trails….but was also VERY hilly! The kiddos favorite part was the playground-we made very good use of that playground in a week! The weather was absolutely beautiful-perfect for being outside. 

Josie absolutely loved getting to “live” with her cousins for the week-she loves Abby, Carley, and Matthew so much. She and Abby are especially good buddies. They are only 2 years apart, so they play really well together. 🙂 Jack and Matthew are going to be big buddies in just a couple of years, too-they are only about 8 months apart. 

The pictures can always tell the story way better than I can, so without further adieu, let me leave you with a photo barrage…..

Early morning pajama party…noone sleeps late in a house full of kiddos! 


Bike ride! They both spent a lot of time in here :). 


Some awesome waterfalls….

Hiking to see the waterfalls….

I love this picture….Josie was scared of the water, but she loved her Daddy carrying her to see it!


Matthew wanted in the water SOO bad…

Have I mentioned lately how much I still LOVE my Moby wrap?

Loving his cousin Abby….

He FINALLY got his wish 🙂

Who can find Josie in this picture? (that was actually just supposed to be of the waterfalls?)

Look Jake, I found a leaf!

Jake, Carley, Abby, Josie, and me with Jack in the Moby all hiked this trail…we didn’t know how long it was going to be-it ended up being 2.5 miles! And ALL the girls walked every bit of it, without stopping, without even one peep of a complaint-we were so proud of them! 🙂

Bath time for dirty little boys!!

Matthew loved riding in the Moby, too :). 

The girls loved letting me fix their hair a different way everyday-and I got some awesome braiding practice in! 🙂

All snuggled up….

I want to drive Daddy!

My little pumpkin 🙂


Abby was AWESOME  at these monkey bars-she went across them a million times-so strong for five! 

Josie loved all the climbing equipment-she is not big on slides or monkey bars, but she does love to climb!

My sweet ones 🙂 One of my new favorite pics of them 🙂

A picture of our cabin

What a great trip! Already looking forward to next year-Fall Creek Falls, here we come! 

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