I had a bad day Friday. I mean, a really bad day. It started with me having a very important evaluation (I am a teacher, if you’ve just started reading this blog) that I royally screwed up, in true “Brandy” fashion, and ended with me running into a door and getting a major knot on my head. That still hurts. 

I don’t really remember having a lot of bad days in my life. Sure, bad things happen, but not necessarily days where EVERYTHING seems to be out of whack. But I would definitely qualify Friday as one of those days. However, I am refusing to dwell on the bad, and instead focus on the good. God is good, and He has totally taught me a lesson through the bad. In that evaluation, I got so focused on all the little details of the lesson, and forgot to actually pay attention to the most important part-the teaching!! In my life, I am so guilty of the same thing-I get so busy and wrapped up in all the little daily duties and minor details, that I forget to focus on what is most important-Him, my family, my husband, me. And the funny thing is, if you focus on what’s important, all the little details just seem to work themselves out anyways……So this week, my focus is going to be on the important, and NOT on the details…..here’s to trying, anyways :). 

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