3 years, 4 months

That is how old you are, Josie-I can hardly believe it. I was thinking back today, and it is hard to remember how you were as a baby-it seems like you have been a “big girl” for so very long! 

Here’s what you’ve been up to this month:

-You, Daddy, me, and Jack went to the zoo. We had a blast-you loved the petting zoo, and you said the flamingos were your favorite (again).

-You washed dishes all by yourself, and did a great job!

-Got your first Scholastic book order-and all three books were pink :).

-Went camping at Dale Hollow Dam-rode your bike like a maniac, went to the fish hatchery, played with friends, and ran across the swinging bridge like a champ.

-Cabin trip at Davy Crockett State Park-you hiked 2 miles and rode your bike a mile and half! Whew! You also LOVED playing with Abby. 

-Had a newfound love for “Lion King” (except you call it “Lion AND the King” and cannot be convinced otherwise….)

-You love ballet, and are always very excited to go and show off what you learned. 

-Favorite saying: “What do I smell?”

-Love having “family hugs." 

-Favorite foods-strawberries, broccoli with parmesan cheese, pancakes, spaghetti, chicken, potato soup, ice cream

-Favorite toys-Ella, Peepers, your doll house stuff, baby doll stuff, BOOKS (a new current favorite is Fancy Nancy books)

I love watching you grow and mature into such a wonderful little girl. (Although you will ALWAYS be my baby :). 

Love always, 


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