8 months old

**I tried to post this last night, but Tumblr was down and wouldn’t let me.

Dear Jack,
You are 8 months old today, or as your Daddy said, two-thirds of the way through your first year…. Which actually makes me a little sad-I’m not ready for my baby to grow up! You’ve have had an exciting month…..
-You tried LOTS of new foods, mostly table foods-mango, vanilla wafers, pancakes (WITHOUT syrup), and banana bread (which was DEFINITELY your favorite, by far)
-You started imitating your Daddy when he made sounds at you.
-rode on the merry go round with Josie at the park.
-got your second tooth (bottom middle left)
-rode in the shopping cart for the first time (at Kroger)
-learned to squeal!!
-went to the zoo and rode in the Moby the whole time 🙂
-moved up to size three diapers, weighed 16 lbs on Nana’s scale, wearing a size 3 shoe, and moved up to 3-6 months clothes (and are wearing 6 month things a little big)
-shook your head when Mommy said “no no no no”
-slept through the night TWICE, for a grand total of 3 times in your whole life.
-went camping at Dale Hollow Dam and LOVED being outside so much.
-Especially liked JOSIE, playing rough, pots and pans, Josie’s dollhouse stuff, being outside, BATHS, and riding on Daddy’s shoulders, receiving blankets (you are really starting to become attached!)
-were fascinated by dogs, especially small ones.
-Did NOT like being put in your carseat. At all.

Sweet boy, you are learning so much and growing so fast-do you think you could just slow down a little? You are such a sweet, happy, little boy-a pure bundle of joy. Seriously, you are one of the best babies I have ever been around (although I may be a little biased).
Love you to pieces always,

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