Fall Camping Trip

This weekend we went on our annual fall camping trip to Dale Hollow Dam. It was a  PERFECT trip. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the kiddos LOVED being outside, we had great friends there, and we absolutely couldn’t have asked for a better trip. 

We got there late Friday night, and then a miracle happened-Jack slept through the night! I say miracle, because this is only the third time in his entire life that it has happened :). Saturday morning, needless to say, both kids woke up raring to go. My trips have changed….used to, I went camping to sit around, do nothing, and relax. This time, I am not sure I even sat for 10 minutes- :P. I am NOT complaining, though- I loved every minute of it! It is just different with little kids-I think I went around that campground 100 times this weekend-on my bike pulling the trailer, jogging with Daddy, pushing a stroller to get Jack asleep, walking with Josie while she rode her bike, etc. 

Starting out early riding her bike….Josie LOVED her bike this trip-she hardly stopped riding it the whole time we were there!

Owen caught a TON of fish….

Taking a nap in the stroller….

Playing in the dirt with her friend Greyson…..Greyson informed his mommy a few weeks ago that he was “going to marry his Jo-Jo.”  

Cooper riding his bike

Jack was SO fascinated with all the puppies that were there…

Tim set up a zip line and made Becca test it out…

This is Jack’s current girlfriend, Sircy-she is only one week younger than him, and she is an absolute DOLL.  They were fascinated with each other :). 

Josie tried out the zip line! What this picture DOESN’T show, is that she totally tripped when she got to the end, and busted her mouth inside….she got over it pretty quickly and  was okay, though :)….Her teeth were just a little sore! 

Josh caught a ton of fish, too!

Riding bikes with Katie Ann…Josie was so proud she could ride bikes with everyone now, and actually keep up! 

Sunday we got up and had our church service….we counted around 70 people that were there on the trip with us!

Josie sitting at church with all her “tids”-Isabelle, Ella, Morgan, Josie, Katie Ann

Sweet Claire, following in her Nana’s footsteps…

Pretty girls…

My poser…

Jack was SO happy this entire trip-he LOVED being outside so much-he is definitely an outside baby! 

This was a great way to get him to sleep…..

Looking at the fish with Chad…


I took Kyle and Casey’s engagement pictures-this is just  a little sneak peak 🙂

Chad took all of the big kids on a “tunnel tour”

A GREAT place for a nap 🙂

Monday was just as beautiful as the weekend. We had booked through Tuesday, but needed to leave on Monday, so we decided to keep Tuesday night we could take FULL advantage of the day-we played all day long, and left at bedtime on Monday night so that the kiddos could just sleep all the way at home-and our plan worked perfectly! 

Starting the day off early with a bike ride with Caroline and Annsely

Jack and Sircy

Feeding the fish at the fish hatchery

The Reasoner clan….So glad they got to come this time! 

After lunch we decided to go over to the swinging bridge and hike the trail around the island up at the lake. Christie and the kids, the Overstreets, Ta, Tommy, and Nana came, too. 

Josie was being so brave on the swinging bridge this year! 

All the kids LOVED exploring all the caves on the trail. They had so much fun!

Christie even threw in a little Science lesson about butterflies :). 

I love this picture….

Josie, Ta, and “Bump”

It was SUCH an awesome trip….I am always a little sad for this trip to be over, because it is the last one of the year….but spring will come fast! 

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