Last night Mom and I took dinner to my cousin, Amanda, who just had her second precious little boy-Meet Noah! He is absolutely adorable :).

After we got done visiting, mom and I (with Jack and Josie, of course!) had time to just hang out, something that hasn’t happened in a LONG time. We went to O’Charley’s to eat and then to Target, of course :). I had to get Jack some new jeans- I have sorely underestimated the amount of pants a little boy needs….Josie could survive for weeks with just one pair of pants-she had tights, dresses, leggings, skirts, etc. Jack? Not so much! Boys have like 3 options-jeans, sweatpants, and overalls.
Anyways, it was a fun night, and I’m so glad I had time to hang out with my mom for a little while :).

The weekend….

We had a crazy (but good!) weekend around here! 

First we started off bright and early on Saturday morning with a 5K and helping friends move. Jake went to help some of our friends move stuff into their new house, and me and the kiddos headed off to a 5K in Greenbrier. It was Sherry’s Flamingo Run, a 5k that I try to run every year. The proceeds go to fund a math scholarship that is in memory of Sherry Freeland, my high school math teacher, fellow church/choir member, and dear friend of mine that passed away from breast cancer several years ago. So, needless to say, this race is always special to me-always brings back a flood of memories! 

Mom and Dad met me at the race. This was Mom’s first 5k to run, and she did great! I borrowed another jogging stroller from Liz, so Daddy pushed Josie, and I pushed Jack. 

It was SO cold Saturday morning, so I really had to bundle the kiddos up tight! 

Josie before the race-she was so excited!

Jack before the race…

Lining up to start the race!


After the race, I went to help finish up with the moving at our friends’ house. (Well, what little help I could offer with two kiddos in tow, lol!) Then we headed back to our house to do some stuff around the house…I even squeezed in a nap with Jack on the couch-I ALWAYS consider that successful Saturday!

After nap time, I let Josie paint a pumpkin. We picked out pumpkins at Smiley’s on Friday, so she was itching to get to paint one (well, she actually wanted to paint them ALL). 

On Sunday after church we had Casey’s wedding tea at Nana’s. We had a great turnout, the weather was beautiful, and it was great to see some people I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I took about a million pics before church and this was the best I got :/.

Sweet Sircy (aka, Jack’s girlfriend) came to visit, too!

She and Jack had a puffs picnic…

Casey and Joanna…

Tea party with the cousins…

Sweet cousins and flower girls!

Jack is absolutely FASCINATED by Daddy’s hats….

After the shower, we all headed to Kyle’s (and technically Casey’s, she just doesn’t live there yet!) to see it, eat some BBQ, and help get all the presents moved in. I was so excited to see her new house, but I can’ t believe she is old enough to be married!!

Whew! This made me tired just typing it….Hopefully next weekend will a bit calmer! 🙂

Fall Break, Part 2

This post has been a long time coming….so sorry to keep you waiting!!

The second part of Fall Break was just as fun as the first. For the second part we went on our annual cabin trip with Jake’s family. This year we went to Davy Crockett State Park  with Jake’s sister Liz (and her family) and Mama Judy. The cabin was AMAZING. It was the nicest cabin, hands down, that we have ever stayed in at a state park. The park was pretty cool, too. It had some good hiking and biking trails….but was also VERY hilly! The kiddos favorite part was the playground-we made very good use of that playground in a week! The weather was absolutely beautiful-perfect for being outside. 

Josie absolutely loved getting to “live” with her cousins for the week-she loves Abby, Carley, and Matthew so much. She and Abby are especially good buddies. They are only 2 years apart, so they play really well together. 🙂 Jack and Matthew are going to be big buddies in just a couple of years, too-they are only about 8 months apart. 

The pictures can always tell the story way better than I can, so without further adieu, let me leave you with a photo barrage…..

Early morning pajama party…noone sleeps late in a house full of kiddos! 


Bike ride! They both spent a lot of time in here :). 


Some awesome waterfalls….

Hiking to see the waterfalls….

I love this picture….Josie was scared of the water, but she loved her Daddy carrying her to see it!


Matthew wanted in the water SOO bad…

Have I mentioned lately how much I still LOVE my Moby wrap?

Loving his cousin Abby….

He FINALLY got his wish 🙂

Who can find Josie in this picture? (that was actually just supposed to be of the waterfalls?)

Look Jake, I found a leaf!

Jake, Carley, Abby, Josie, and me with Jack in the Moby all hiked this trail…we didn’t know how long it was going to be-it ended up being 2.5 miles! And ALL the girls walked every bit of it, without stopping, without even one peep of a complaint-we were so proud of them! 🙂

Bath time for dirty little boys!!

Matthew loved riding in the Moby, too :). 

The girls loved letting me fix their hair a different way everyday-and I got some awesome braiding practice in! 🙂

All snuggled up….

I want to drive Daddy!

My little pumpkin 🙂


Abby was AWESOME  at these monkey bars-she went across them a million times-so strong for five! 

Josie loved all the climbing equipment-she is not big on slides or monkey bars, but she does love to climb!

My sweet ones 🙂 One of my new favorite pics of them 🙂

A picture of our cabin

What a great trip! Already looking forward to next year-Fall Creek Falls, here we come! 

My husband is awesome. Period.

Life has been absolutely crazy around here, and I was getting really stressed out. My house was in desperate need of being cleaned, so that was stressing me out anymore. For some reason, when I am stressed, if my house is clean, everything else doesn’t seem so bad. Well, while I was at Casey’s shower on Sunday, Jake cleaned my whole house! Dusted, vacuumed, straightened, mopped, everything! It made me feel SO much better, and my day was so less stressful yesterday, because I knew I was going to get home to a clean house. 🙂

Then to add to the awesomeness, Josie left her beloved stuffed cat Peepers at Grammy’s yesterday…..and we didn’t realize it until bedtime. Not good. I tried unsuccessfully to get her to go to bed without Peepers, but she was just sobbing. BUT, Daddy came to the rescue, and took her on a rescue mission to find Peepers at Grammy’s. (at 9:30 at night). Daddy saved the day once again :). 

God has blessed me so much with such a perfect mate. 

I had a bad day Friday. I mean, a really bad day. It started with me having a very important evaluation (I am a teacher, if you’ve just started reading this blog) that I royally screwed up, in true “Brandy” fashion, and ended with me running into a door and getting a major knot on my head. That still hurts. 

I don’t really remember having a lot of bad days in my life. Sure, bad things happen, but not necessarily days where EVERYTHING seems to be out of whack. But I would definitely qualify Friday as one of those days. However, I am refusing to dwell on the bad, and instead focus on the good. God is good, and He has totally taught me a lesson through the bad. In that evaluation, I got so focused on all the little details of the lesson, and forgot to actually pay attention to the most important part-the teaching!! In my life, I am so guilty of the same thing-I get so busy and wrapped up in all the little daily duties and minor details, that I forget to focus on what is most important-Him, my family, my husband, me. And the funny thing is, if you focus on what’s important, all the little details just seem to work themselves out anyways……So this week, my focus is going to be on the important, and NOT on the details…’s to trying, anyways :). 

Mobile little boy…

Jack has decided today that he CAN and WILL be mobile…however not in the conventional way (aka, crawling). Nope, he’s just decided he is going to roll everywhere…and I do mean EVERYWHERE. This morning I was getting Josie dressed, and I looked up, and he was UNDERNEATH her bed, lol-I wish I had a picture, but I didn’t have time before he got mad. 🙂 He has rolled all over the place, though! He is also trying to pull up on anything and everything…us, Josie, the couch, the bathtub, my shoe, the cabinet….he has not succeeded yet, but I think it is about time to drop the side of the crib!