(note:this video is just for the sound-you’re not supposed to be able to see anything)

Sometimes Josie can EXHAUST us with her constant chatter….but then she does something so sweet, so innocent, and I can’t help but smile-and I am reminded that this is such a short season in her little life-and I’m not going to wish even a second of it away :).

Explanation of the video-we were driving hone from church last night, when Josie exclaimed-“Momma! I see the stars! They are so beautiful!” and then she immediately launched into her rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. As I sat there listening to her little voice singing, how she doesn’t pronounce words quite correctly yet (because she’s 3 and not supposed to!), I realized that I don’t want her to grow up quite yet, and my heart just melted a little.

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