God reminded me….

….why I teach today. Today I was writing for my kids, and I wrote a paragraph that said something like, “The day I got married was one of my days that tops the charts-along with the birth of my kids and the day I got baptized.” Immediately one of my little boys in my class said “what is baptized?” He truly didn’t know. This caught me SO off guard, because this is a very intelligent little boy-he probably knows at least one fact about every dinosaur that ever lived…..but the word “baptized” wasn’t even in his very broad vocabulary. It made me so sad…..I know he probably wasn’t the only one in my class with that question, he was just the one who asked first. Just a very real reminder and example  to me of why I am where I am, doing what I am doing. Because I teach at a public school,I can’t exactly teach Jesus-but I can certainly slip little things in like I did today. More importantly, I can live for HIM-in every aspect of my life, including how I teach and interact with my students. I know how I live is more of a witness than even my words can be. Now, will you join my in praying for the lost ones in our world? And even more specifically, the students and their parents at my school who don’t know the Lord?

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